Friday, April 30, 2010

Roof Top Bars and Hookers

Well Sacopapa spent a week in New York and hit the old stomping grounds. What a change! Our old hooker spots is no longer there. I was really bumbed out. That entire area is now Bars and restaurants. So many fine chicks though, that is one thing about New York that I have always like, the Ho's never end.

So I had to visit a few clients in New York and what an experience. The main guys from a this huge corporation know how to do it right. Every where we went they would tip at the door which would get us in with VIP seating. The fine dinning never ended. The new thing in New York are the Roof Top Bars overseeing the city.

As an old Veteran of Whores, I couldn't believe my eyes. I spotted a bunch of hookers working the Roof Top Bars. Why didn't RoboSaco think of this 25 years ago. It was great to see that somethings are still the same, only with a different twist.

My partner and I started to talk to one and her offering was way out of my pocket change. Yet, some old habbits never change, we ended up cornering this Ho and Sacopapa grabbedd her ass. She didn't mind as a typical whore, since she wants the sale. But we ended up passing on her and going to the titty bar instead.

I also love how many European hookers have now landed in New York. It was a schmorgesborg of Euro Pussy at the Titty Bar. I was majorly enfermo!

Anyway it wa a good trip and business has picked up for me now. That is why I'm currently limited to this fucked up site. Wishing Ozz fest kicks off this year, so I can reunite with Robotman. Keeping my fingers and balls crossed.

Here is a quick video of what it was like at the titty bar. As always Mike Patton is the man! Enjoy and smokem if you gottem.

Saco out!


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