Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Wow, this year flew by and so much havoc took turn in the US this year. Purple lip made it fun to be an American in 2009 and with all the new madness that it's about to happen in 2K10 we are truly going to be loved around the world.

2K10 is going to be fun for Robotman and Sacopapa as we are going to poke fun at the Goverment all year long. We feel that purple lip is a major dipstick. In reality there is no one that can compete with that fucker.

Since 2K10 is going to be fucked for everyone, we feel that RoboSaco team will want you to follow our Rules. Why should you follow our rules you ask? Well for one here at Robotman we don't really give a fuck about anyone in the Goverment or anyone in general. Growing up in WNY made us not give a fuck about anyone. So we are delivering ten new rules to follow in 2K10.

1. If you are over worked tell you boss to fuck off. Purple Lip will get you welfare, so no need to worry.
2. If you have any neighbors on Welfare, leave a poop bag on their porch and set it on fire. You are technically paying for their welfare.
3. When ever you see a Purple Lip picture, give it the big high Hitler salute. We are now a Socialist Country, so it's ok.
4. If you speak better English than your boss, poop on his desk when his out of the office. He is surely trying to kick you out since you speak more clearly than he does.
5. It's ok to try and run over ghetto college kids with your car. Technically you are paying for their tuition. So fuckem!
6. Fuck your wives hot boob friends. Your wife can't collect if you are on Welfare.
7. Tell people to fuck off at any time. Other people from other countries are doing so.
8. Ever see a hot chick, grab her ass, Purple Lip will be ok with that since everyone is now Ghetto.
9. College kids, dream big, open a strip bar. It's the only way to get rich.
10. Smoke weed and drink as much as you can. 2K10 will be fucked and you will need to ride this crazy economic wave.

That's it in a nut shell. Follow those rules like religion. Ooopsssie, can't say that anymore!

Happy 2010 and for anyone that reads this like we say in Jersey "getafuckout here!"

Since it's almost Midnight, here is Iron Maiden playing 2 minutes to Midnight live from our favorit place in the world "Rio Brazil". Enjoy this and please feel free to pass along the 10 new rules for 2K10. Love you all and God Bless. Sacopapa out!!

Happy New Year!!!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Babe of the Year

Robotman and Sacopapa took an entire month to make a decision on the Babe of the Year. We are very proud to announce that Karina Flores has won the 2009 Babe of the Year. There are many characters of Karina that we love about her at Robotman. Her body is to die for and her sensual beauty is insane. Major bonus points for being Brazilian and being so friggin HOT!!

We had never heard of Karina Flores until a few months back. This was like discovering water in Mars. She is by far one of the hottest women in the World. We are very proud to make her the 2009 Babe of the Year.

Congratulations Karina and if you ever read this, please give us your feedback. We would love to see your comments. Enjoy this sweet video of her and a few pics from Bellaclub.

P.S. Robotman and Sacopapa are going to the World Cup in Brazil and we only hope that we can party with you when we get there. We will make an official notice so you know.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Robotman Final Thoughts 2009

It's been quite year, and this will be my last post of 2009, Sacopapa will take us the rest of the way. If there is anyone out there that reads this blog I hope your were entertained, thanks and Happy New Year. It has been quite therapeutic for me. I want to thank Sacopapa, my friend from back in the day. I was going to give up on this blog in March, but he joined and inspired me. Couldn't have done it with out you bro. I also want to thank two special people, our wives, for putting up with us and this boob and rant filled blog. With all our insanity our families are our lives and our wives are our backbone. We love you babes. Our wind cries your names.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Trump Monday

Well, it's our final Babe of the Week of this year, and Ivanka Trump can thank her mom, Ivana for the honor. Since Ivana is an wrinkly old hag I can't use her picture. Seems granny was upset that kids where making noise on a plane, and she had a bigger tantrum than the kids and had to be escorted off said plane in Florida. I've never been on a fucking plane without annoying kids and stuck up old ladies, so it sounds like a typical flight to me and preferable than having a terrorist madman on your flight. Stupid Cunt. Stayed tuned for my final post of the year tomorrow and Sacapapa's announcement of our Babe of the Year this week. Since my vacation is over and I have to work this week, here is Slayer with a message to the fake ass useless fuckers in my office.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Sabbath

Wow, another year has passed us by. It was a rough one for Robotman and Sacopapa but like true Jersey hardheads you can't keep us down. For the final Sunday Sabbath of 2009, here is NIB from the classic Paris 1970 show. If I had a time machine this show would be my first stop.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Two and a Half Pimp Slaps

Charlie Sheen was arrested Christmas Eve for slapping his wife or something (allegedly, hehe). Looks like Denise Richards wasn't lying that he is a crazy fucker. The main reason I am even posting about this is because his current wife, Brooke Mueller has a very nice set of Tatas (above) and Charlie was in some cool movies, Wall Street and Platoon being two great ones. Below, a shotgun, Vietnam style.

Merry Christmas!!

Wow, what a day. Having two little shits really takes it out of you. It's been a fun filled day with tons of excitement. My kids have litterally run me ragged! I've done nothing but drink and smoke all day long:0). I'm about to watch the Hang Over which I hear is a pisser! Like Robo says, enjoy them while they are young! Going to take out old school with the Ramones. Can't type anymore and need to watch the movie. Peace out!!!

P.S. Sorry for the late post, but being in Cali I still made it before 12:00 AM. Hahahahaha!!! Still Partying Roboman!!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Black Thursday

Yes the bill has passed and we are all headed for Doom. The Senate approved sweeping health-overhaul legislation on Thursday, a landmark moment for the correupted White House-led efforts to expand insurance coverage to more than 30 million Welfare Americans.

The bill, approved by a 60-39 vote, would deliver on a long-promised Democratic goal of extending coverage to nearly every unemployed American, and would represent the biggest expansion of the federal safety net since the 1965 creation of Medicare, the health-insurance program for the elderly and disabled. If you are over 65 you might as well be taken to the slaughter house as this bill will dispose of anyone age 65 and over.

This should set us back for the next 4 generations in which our grand kids will be paying and slaving to pay this bullshit bill back. This is sad that we let this happen. The House doesn't give a fuck about us, except to look out for their own. What a sad fucking christmas this will be. I feel like we are last in line when it comes down to hearing the people for the people. This video is a tribute to Father Dio who tells like it is with Last in Line. Sorry guys that Robosaco let you all down and had no say so with the Reform Bill. Fuck me and as my WNY friends would say " De Pinga!" Saco out!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday Babe

As we get closer to the end of the year I want to bring one more Fine Ho in the finals. Her name is Erika Velez from Ecuador. She is a model and actress in Ecuador, her most famous features are her lips. This beauty has major DSL (Dick Sucking lips). Everyone thinks they are siliconed, but they are not. Which makes her even hotter to think that she can wrap them bad boys around your Johnson. Anyway I hope she makes it to the finals and has a shot at the End of Year Babe. Here is a video of her fine ass. Check it out and Happy Hump Day Bitches!!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sad Reality

Looks like the insane Healthcare Reform Bill will pass after some sweetheart deals for a few Senators. Click here for John McCain's opinion on this and a few facts. Since John McCain is old and ugly, I used a picture of his daughter Meghan McCain and her lovely breasts.

Below, since I don't know why Sacopapa posted on my day yesterday and I don't know how they passed that fucked up welfare care, here are Ozzy and Randy with I Don't know.

Monday, December 21, 2009

RIP Britney

RIP Britney Murphy, I thought you were pretty HOT, I guess you thought otherwise. Here is a memorable clip from the movie Spun. She shows off her nice ass and tits. You will be deeply missed.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Sabbath

That's one promise I hope old purple lips keeps. It took him long enough to listen to McCain, let's hope it's not to late. For this week's sermon we have Cake with the Sabbath classic.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Welfare Christmas

The lastest on the government owned, bailed out, and bankrupt GM corporation is that they are closing yet another brand, Saab. Buy Ford. If the bailouts (corporate welfare) weren't bad enough, new welfare handouts were passed disguised as the jobs bill and the seemingly soon to pass mind-boggling Welfare, ah I mean Health Care Reform bill. So now not only must my son owe thousands in student loans while others go to college free on my dime, now he may be forced to buy health insurance or be fined, while the "grant" kid gets healthcare on my dime. Shit is fucked. Hard work and earning your way is the toilet paper Obama and his cronies are wiping their asses with. If you can't afford college, tough shit, work hard so your kids can go to college. That's how it use to work. As a war veteran and son of US loving hard working immigrant parents I am disgusted. Land of the free and home of the free loaders. Fucked up. With welfare fraud and abuse out of control, to add more layers is preposterous and irresponsible. I remember as a little kid walking home form school cause my parents where working while free lunch kid's dad picked him up in a Cadillac. It's Jimmy Carter all over again.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Thank God It's Friday

Tara Elizabeth Conner (born on December 18, 1985 in Dallas, Texas is an American beauty queen and model, who is Miss USA 2006 and has also competed in the Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe pageants. She has held the titles Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2002, Miss Kentucky County Fair 2004, Miss Kentucky USA 2006 and Miss USA 2006.

In late 2006, Conner became the center of a public scandal when news reports claimed she had been drinking underage, tested positive for the use of cocaine, and kissed Miss Teen USA Katie Blair, among other things. She was allowed to retain her title and entered a drug rehabilitation program.

Here at Robotman we love the slutties of sluts and this chick takes the cake. We love to poke fun at loosers like this whore. She was busted for Cocaine and lesbianism. Perfect Ho for the site. Hopefully she is nominated for Babe of the year. She is a major dingbat which we love, maybe we can hire her at the Robosaco house of Love. I can see her on a pole in Rio. Check out this video of this dumb blonde. She is a major ding bat!! TGIF and Smokem if you gotem.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

RIP Chris Henry

NFL star Chris Henry has died as a result of the injuries he sustained after falling out of the back of a moving pick-up truck yesterday.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg police tell TMZ Henry died at 6:36 AM EST this morning. He was 26.
As we previously reported, cops believe Henry -- a wide receiver on the Cincinnati Bengals -- jumped into the back of the truck, in an attempt to stop his fiancee from leaving a "domestic situation" at her parents' home in North Carolina.
Henry was rushed to a local hospital -- where he passed away this morning.
Authorities tell us they're still investigating the situation.
Read more:

Here are some highlights of Chris Henry, this is a major loss for the Bengals.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday Babe

Danielle Lloyd (born 16 December 1983) is an English glamour model. The former Miss England 2004 and Miss Great Britain 2006 first rose to prominence when she was stripped of her Miss Great Britain 2006 title after posing for nude pictures featured in the December 2006 edition of Playboy magazine and her alleged affair with one of the pageant's judges, her then-boyfriend, footballer Teddy Sheringham.

You got to love our Robosaco hookers. She is definitely in the running for Babe of Year Award. Her Tits and ass are insane and we degenerates love her. Check out this video of her, she is probably the hottest chick in England. As soon as we hit the Powerball, she will be dancing on a Pole at the Robosaco house of love in Rio. Happy Hump Day bitches!

Won't let me post the video, but check out the Youtube Video.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goodbye Godzilla

Yankee hero, Hideki Matsui has agreed to a one year deal with the LA Angels, ending his 7 year Yankee career. In his final year with the Yankees, the 35-year-old battled through knee issues to hit .274 with 28 homers and 90 RBIs.

A national hero in his native Japan, Matsui saved his best for last. In his final game in pinstripes, Matsui turned in one of the greatest performances in World Series history, tying a record with six RBIs to lift the Yankees past the Phillies in the clinching Game 6. The epitome of class and grace, Matsui hit 140 homers in seven seasons in the Bronx, providing a powerful left-handed bat that when healthy solidified the middle of the Yankees' lineup. Godzilla, good luck and Godspeed, you will be missed. Here is his awesome game 6 at bat against Pedro Martinez.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Twins

Not to beat a dead horse but god damn. Tiger Babes have ballooned to 12! Plus I found out that Elin has a twin, Josefin, so they are babes of the week. He met them via Swedish Golfer Jesper Parnevik. They were his "nannies". I can only imagine who he is banging. You know Tiger wanted to bang them both, if he didn't already. With all the Swedish talk, here is Mini-me and Jaws meeting the Swedish Bikini Team.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Sabbath

Sad to report that Ronnie James Dio has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Dio recorded some great records with Sabbath and was on the most recent tour. We wish him the best with this battle. Here is Heaven and Hell.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Death and Taxes

I did a quick Turbotax preview today and discovered I am royally fucked. Thanks Obama. Don't really feel like writing much. This song is all that comes to mind.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thank God It's Friday

Tiger you da man!!! The number of women claiming to have had affairs with Tiger Woods has risen to six, with New York woman Cori Rist identified as an alleged mistress of the golf superstar.

The 31-year-old had allegedly been "hooking up" with Woods since they had met last year, sources told the New York Daily News.

Rist was allegedly given a hotel room next to Woods for their trysts while the golfer was on tour.

The pair reportedly met last year at the New York nightclub Butter.

More women have come out of the woodwork since Tiger Woods was first accused of having an affair with New York nightclub hostess Rachel Uchitel last month.

Las Vegas cocktail waitress Jamie Jungers began an affair with Woods in 2005, less than a year after he married his wife Elin Nordegren, the Mail on Sunday reported.

Jaimee Grubbs has also claimed to have had an affair with the golfer and revealed a series of text messages believed to be from Woods to a US magazine.

Las Vegas woman Kalika Moquin and Florida waitress Mindy Lawton are also alleged to have been lovers with Woods.

Love it Tiger, you are now my number one Hero! In your tribute SNL was king to put this video of you last week! Love it!! Happy Friday and smokem if you gotem! Later Bitches..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Babe

All I need are some tasty waves, cool buds, big tits and I'm fine! I want this fucking rat race to be over real soon. Dealing with the big Corporations sucks. All they do is pass the buck and transfer you like no one gives a fuck. Typical Corporate Bullshit.

Here is my fucking idol of all times!! Really changed the way for us in 1982. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Frank Edwin Wright III was born December 9, 1972 in Frankfurt, Germany, making him the youngest member of Green Day. He lived in Willits, California with his father and his older sister, Lori. Wright's closest neighbor was Larry Livermore, who at the time was the singer of the punk band The Lookouts. At age 12, Livermore recruited Wright to join The Lookouts and gave him the name of Tre Cool relying on both the French word très (meaning very)combined with the word cool. However, the silent "s" has been incorrectly dropped in the spelling.

When Green Day's drummer, John Kiffmeyer, left the band they recruited Cool to play drums. Cool decided to drop out of high school in his sophomore year. Instead, he passed an equivalency test and earned his GED ( Dumb Ass), and began taking classes at a nearby community college. He had to drop out of college however, when the demands of Green Day's touring intensified(Smart Move).

He also known for burning his drum set on statge after every show. It's good to be Rich!

Here is one of my favorite songs from Green Day, Blood Sex and Boose. This was taped on Mad TV. The ending part is pretty cool. Happy Birthday you heroin junkie Tre! Enjoy your special day with 20CC shot!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever

Even though he was kind of commie and married a freak, John Lennon made some of the greatest music ever and didn't deserve to be gunned down at 40 years of age 29 years ago today. Here is one of mine and Sacopapa's favorites, as this song fits an acid trip to Bear Mountain we took perfectly. Actually, that story would make quite a future post.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Giant News!

Nice fucking game yesterday! Way to go Giants, staying alive in the playoff hunt and beating the punk-ass Cowboys for the second time this season. Out of all the Giant rivals beating them is particularly sweet, especially this season, whipping them at the inaugural of the new stadium and then again yesterday. Giants-Eagles next week should be a good one. Go Big Blue. Below Katie with her NY Giants draft analysis. It's a couple of years old, but with that pair of Funbags, who cares.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Sabbath

Reality TV has just polluted the landscape, so easy to produce and disposable, the dumbing down of America and no talent required. Some do have hot chicks like voluptuous Brooke Hogan running around in bikinis, of course. Below Father Dio with his take on TV from the 1st Dio/Sabbath reunion album, 1992's Dehumanizer. TV Crimes.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Meetings about Meetings

Earlier this week I was at a meeting about meetings (MAM) at work in which people discuss which meeting they had or will be attended since the last MAM , and remembered a piece I wrote about meetings last year for My Wife Hates Me. Here is an edited version, all still 100% unbelievable yet true.
They really love to have meetings where I work. I work for a fairly large foreign company with offices all over the world, and don’t know 100% if it’s particular to them, same in Corporate USA, or it’s just company culture but they really, really, like to have meetings. Budget meetings, product meetings, inventory meetings, HR meetings, formal meetings, informal meetings, video conference meetings, security meetings, staff meetings, birthday cake meetings, the list is just really endless. There are hundreds of different types of meetings. There are smaller meetings to plan for the bigger meetings. It’s truly a miracle any work even gets done with all these meetings. This doesn’t even include major company events, which requires multiple meetings that are held about the upcoming event.

There are also these really weird meetings called "brainstorming meetings”, if you have never been to one, I hope you never do, and if you have, I’m so very sorry. Usually the guys that need a punch in the face and says "synergy" alot talk the most at these, and annoying chicks that talk fast also like these meetings very much. (My company USA HQ in NJ, so there is no shortage of the latter). At the HQ in Jersey all they do is have meetings. The whole fucking place, like 800 people including top brass can be eliminated and substituted by a weekly e-mail from Tokyo. The company would save millions. I have yet to openly suggest this at a meeting. I’m biding my time on that one.

I was at my most recent meeting, wintergreen Tic Tacs in hand (between the light shaking sounds of the container and a refreshing Tic Tac in your mouth at all times, it’s much harder to fall asleep). It was a four hour Building and Cubicle Security and Safety meeting with a guest speaker old lady reading a power point presentation out loud word for word, like I can’t read. Fucking Romper Room. If I didn’t know personally, I would think this was a fictional event. We had a pre-meeting for this with the whole office like 2 days before and had a team of 4 people, which thankfully I was not part of, have of a bunch of prep meetings for this fucking thing. Seems having a case of bottled water, doughnuts, and a projector is fucking mission impossible.

After it was over, still dizzy from the incessant cackle of this old hag, I am reminded by some nitwit about the product meeting in five minutes, so we can discuss some new product that does the same shit as the last one. Gotta pay that mortgage somehow. I am the Robotman.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thank God It's Friday

Today we remember Frank Vincent Zappa(December 21, 1940 – December 4, 1993) was an American composer, electric guitarist, record producer and film director. In a career spanning more than 30 years, Zappa wrote rock, jazz, electronic, orchestral, and musique concrète works. He also directed feature-length films and music videos, and designed album covers. Zappa produced almost all of the more than 60 albums he released with the band Mothers of Invention and as a solo artist.

Zappa was a highly productive and prolific artist and he gained widespread critical acclaim. Many of his albums are considered essential in rock history, and he is regarded as one of the most original guitarists and composers of his time; he remains a major influence on musicians and composers. He had some commercial success, particularly in Europe, and for most of his career was able to work as an independent artist. Zappa was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995 and received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997.

He was a great guitar player and great song writer. He will always be remembered as the Mad Scientist. Enjoy this 1974 clip of Stinkfoot. Pretty funny video. You know he must of been high as hell when he wrote this song. TGIF and smokem if you gotem.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Conspiracy Thursday

Here is the latest and greatest in Military Arsenal. HAARP refers to the “High-Frequency Active Auroal Research Program”. It is located at approximately 62.39N, 145.15W near the town of Gakona, Alaska. HAARP project is funded by the US Senate and opperated by the US Navy & AirForce.

HAARP consists of phased array. Only partially finished the entire array will consist of 180 antennas and will be more power full than all other antenna array for ionosphere heating ever built. Ionosphere heaters simply use radio waves to heat a portion of the ionosphere which surrounds the earth, many already exist, but this is the largest ever.

72,000 times more powerfull than the U.S’s most powerfull radio station. HAARP can focus all its radio waves into a single beam in the sky, which effectively exceeds its 3.6 Million watt power status. With this enormous power, the possibilites for use of HAARP are endless. Of course activists ,conspiricists, and enviromentalists all have different ideas for applications of this weapon / utility, both good and bad.

This new Technology when fired up can create major havoc in the World. It can create storms, lightning, track/destroy missiles, earthquakes and anything else it feels like. This is another way of our sweet goverment playing mother nature on the world. When used it can also affect brain waves, making it hard to think and can cause paranoia. It was first tested in Desert Storm. The Iraquis gave up without a fight. It was reported that before the big Sunami in Indonesia there was a boralis of lights in the sky before the Sunami happened. Could our Goverment been testing this shit out in the ocean and we accidentally fucked up? Maybe, we'll out Goverment fess up, never...

You want Future Weapons, we've got it!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Isabella Soprano (born on December 2, 1981 in Exeter, New Hampshire) is an American pornographic actress, fetish model and sex worker. She performed in adult films between 2004 and 2005.

Soprano, an Italian-American, performed in at least 21 adult feature films for DVD release, and countless short "clip style" video productions for a wide variety of adult web sites. She has worked as a sex worker at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch Brothel in Nevada, and was featured in the HBO series Cathouse: The Series, Cathouse 2: Back In The Saddle, and Cathouse: The Series Part Two, especially in the episode "Never Too Late To Learn".

Robotman and sacopapa loves porno chicks. We still kick each other in the ass for not inventing Redtube Live. Below is a clip clip of this whore. She definitely will be a candidate for the Ho of the year award on Robotman.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

King of the City

What more can be said, this guy is a legend in his own time. Captain Clutch. In 2009 he batted .334 while leading the Yankees to their fifth World Series title in his 14 full seasons, their first since 2000 and their record 27th in franchise history. On Sept. 11 he passed Lou Gehrig's franchise mark for base hits, which now stands at 2,747. In 15 postseason games Jeter lived up to his reputation as a clutch player, batting .344 with a .432 on-base percentage, three home runs and six RBIs. He batted .407 in the World Series to lead the Yankees to a six-game victory over the defending world champion Philadelphia Phillies.

Once again congrats to Derek Jeter for being named SIs Sportsman of the Year (imagine they would have given it to Tiger this year, hehe), who is also in the Robotman Hall of Fame for the stable of babes he has tapped. Below one of his finest accomplishments, Jessica Alba in the "Into the Blue" underwater scenes.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Babe of the Week

Hehe, who else for today. After beating her husband, Tiger Woods, with a golf club and making him cry like a bitch and crash his Escalade into a tree like a pussy, Swedish bombshell Elin Nordegren Woods earns her place in Robotman history. Why does Tiger even have neighbors that close, fucking guy is a Billionaire. He should live on an estate where you can fight with your wife in peace and crash into your own trees. Hehe. Below a couple of pics of the Ho Tiger was banging on the side that pissed Elin off. Man this is going to be an expensive divorce if she decides to bail. Hehe.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Sabbath

I remember back in the day WPIX 11 use to play Alfred Hitchcock movies on Sundays. I loved The Birds, Vertigo (the sultry Kim Novak above), and so many other movies most people don't even realize were his. Below is a fan-made video with great scenes from Hitchcocks's "Psycho" set to Black Sabbaths "Psycho Man", one of the new songs form 1999's Reunion album.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Black Friday!

Why?! Who in their right mind gets up at 3AM to go shopping. You would think the greatest country in the world would run the sales all day long. Fuck no, they do this shit from 4AM till 11AM. Who ever came up with this concept was a Douch! I went to get Saco Jr a Nintendo DSI and it was fucking may ham at ToyrUs. I got lucky and some homie let me slide in the line as there were only 15 packages left in the whole fucking store. Some old lady gave me a dirty look, me being from WNY I didn't give a fuck. I rather ride a fat fucking cow than to do that shit ever again. What a pain in the fucking ass. Anyway my father in law was here yesterday and the nigga was ok. He didn't do anything crazy for me to post. Sucks!!

Today I take you out with Machine Head Halo. If you have never played the game, I recommend that you do. Very addicting game if you smoke one before you play. Have a great weekend and I'll let Robotman take it from here with his acid head mind.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

First Mickey Mouse balloon to appear in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (Originally the Macy's Christmas Parade), Thursday, November 29, 1934. Location: Broadway and 105th Street, New York City, NY.

There were floats, professional bands and live animals borrowed from the Central Park Zoo. At the end of that first parade, as has been the case with every parade since, Santa Claus was welcomed into Herald Square. At this first parade, however, the Jolly Old Elf was enthroned on the Macy's balcony at the 34th Street store entrance, where he was then "crowned" "King of the Kiddies." With an audience of over a quarter of a million people, the parade was such a success that Macy's declared it would become an annual event.

Today we need to thank and remember the boys and girls across the ocean defending our freedom. Most of us will not even think about them after the first beer. While you slice into the Turkey please take a quick second to thank them for doing a great job and being awesome troopers. I dedicate this video in their names. Trust me, no other country has it as good as we do. Now it's time for me to spark up and get ripped! Enjoy todays festivities and never forget that we live in the the land of the free and the home of the brave.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Wednesday!!

Sexy Rachel, hate seeing her fucking ass on TV, but she looks pretty on this pic. I'm so looking forward to eating some Turkey, apple pie, beers and some shitty football games. I've yet to see a really exciting game. Hopefully Robotman comes up this week on his fantasy team. Anyway, I leave you with a new punk band from the UK. They are Gallows and sound pretty fucking good. Good ol Punk bands, I really miss the punk days! Happy Hump Day everyone!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Feasting and Football!

This is my last post before the holiday as Sacopapa and his madness take over for the rest of the week. For Turkey Day I'll be a Robo-grandmas eating like a starving Rhino and watching Big Blue spank the faggy Broncos. I want to wish everyone good holiday and/or long weekend. Now with their own take on this special Thursday, here is Anthrax (Armored Saint version) with "Indians". Go fucking nuts.

Monday, November 23, 2009

RIP Boricua!

Robotman and Saco lost an old friend, but he will always be remembered as 007 and the guy that kicked Little Pete on the head with his shitty boot. He was a cool dude while we knew him. I know the motherfucker that did this to him will get his. This video goes out to him in loving memory. Rest in Peace bro, and as we used to say back in the day " better you than me bro". You will never be forgotten.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Sabbath-RIP

Saco and I had an old friend from the old days pass away this weekend, he was also a huge Sabbath/Ozzy fan. RIP. This one was one of his favorites.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Boxing Saturday

I'm watching the replay of the ass whipping Manny Pacquiao gave Miguel Cotto last week on HBO. One thing I noticed is that Cotto's wife, Melissa Guzman, has a massive set of tits and a huge Puerto Rican ass. Mass cleavage she is displayed at the fight. Nice. That is her above and Miguel below after the ass kicking.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Friday!

Seeing this fat juicy ass, I'm still daydreaming of going to Brazil. Not much to report today, it's been a hard week and I'm fucking brain dead. I don't have 2 hour JuJitsu classes tomorrow so I will be getting severely brain damaged tonight. I only have a 1 hour Samurai Sword training class today which is a sweet class. Enjoy this weird video by Mr. Bungle. Happy Friday and smoke em if you got em Bitches!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Babes

Sacopapa and Robotman are now looking at 2014 World Cup in Brazil. We also have the hook up now, so it will make the event a memorable one. We are so looking to forward to getting out of the US for a while. We should have done it right after Highschool. We could of been king Pins in Brazil. Taking you out with much hatred, here is Cavalera Conspiracy from Brazil. Check out Caveleras Nephew, little fucking prick jams on the drums! Enjoy the Ho's. Peace out!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Abyss

They did not feel the abyss opening beneath their feet
at the thought of lies becoming truths."

Q. What’s the difference between Ross Perot and Barack Obama?
A. Ross Perot is crackpot with big ears; Barack Obama is a pothead with big ears.

Q Why is Oprah supporting Obama?
A She has a history of supporting frauds.

Q. What made Barack help a Chicago slumlord to victimize the poor?
A. The check.

Q. Why does Barack want higher taxes?
A. Cause he won’t be the one paying them.

Q: What's the problem with Barack Obama jokes?
A: His followers don't think they're funny and other people don't think they're jokes.

Giving money and power to Barack Obama is like giving liquor and car keys to a teenage boy. (Tip o’ the hat to P. J. O’Rourke)

Is he part of the Four Horseman?


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Judging Sarah

My wife was yapping about how Sarah Palin* was on Oprah today. Look, I know she's kind of kooky and one of those annoying PTA moms that won't shut up, but she really got a media beating while his majesty got a free ride. The truth is she is almost as unqualified as Obama to be Vice-President much less President, but at least is tappable. It was always Obama vs. Bush or Obama vs. Palin, avoiding McCain. Our chance to put a real moderate in the White House gone for who knows how many decades. Truly sad. Regardless of the questionable choice of the McCain camp as Palin as runningmate, I think he would have lost the election as the sheep had already flocked to Obama's Welfare Nipple. At minimum, I would hope that McCain at least got a blowjob from Sarah. It's really the least she can do. In closing, here are the Sex Pistols with a song for the Queen of Alaska....

*Yes I know it's photoshop, but a boob job may help her with the horny old dude vote in 2012, which is quite the large voting block.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Babes

Once again the Robotmen win thanks mainly to Arizona (Beanie Wells!). Though one player who had a great game and has been consistent all year is Steven Jackson of the St. Louis Rams, his team sucks balls but he still comes through big for me. So to get your Monday going we have some Ram cheerleaders, above Kate from her calendar photo, and below Angeline showing us how flexible she is.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Sabbath

Tony Iommi with Eddie on the lastest cover of Guitar Word. Van Halen opened up for the Never Say Die Tour, the last Ozzy tour until the reunion. One of rocks truly great guitarist...below we have 'Goodbye Lament' with Dave Grohl and Brian May from the awesome Iommi solo album.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stoned Saturday

I highly recommend it. Below the Black Crowes with Dylan's classic. Peace out.

Friday, November 13, 2009


If it's ok with them, then it's ok with Robosaco! TGIF Miss Canada and thank you for the beautiful and endangered Canadian Moose Nuckle! This beautiful Canadian beauty pageant sported her sweet camel toe back in 2004. Yes, its a bit old but always a favorite on Robotman because we love the pussy cousch down under.

Taking you back to the good old Punk days, here is the Damned. This used to be one of the hottest songs back in High School. Memorial HS used to go nuts to this song. Good to see these old bastards still jam it well. Get hammered, smoke and get laid. Wish we had video of Robotman dancing this song. Truly the best punk rock dancer back in the day!!! Thank god it Friday, later bitches.