Monday, January 31, 2011

Classic Monster Monday

I would have so banged The Bride. Dr. Frankenstein picked all the best tits and asses from the Hoes in the cemetery to make her. I used to watch these every year on the 4:30 Movie "Monster Week". They had all different weeks, Godzilla, Planet of the Apes, Bruce Lee and tons of others. That was the shit for movies in the 70's before cable.

I'm hoping for a quiet and easy Monday in Cubicle City. To help me get ready with some killer doom is Goatsnake with Easy Greasy.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Iommi Sunday

2011 continues to be my take it easy and whatever happens happens year. Goodbye to all my lament of the past. With all the Ozzy stuff we post I just wanted to remind everyone that Tony Iommi is the fucking all time guitar riff king and is Sabbath. I used an old pic of Lita Ford today cause Tony tapped that ass for awhile when she was still young and firm.

From the incredible Iommi solo album...Goodbye Lament.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Anniversary Week Wrap Up

Wow. What a week. Sacopapa blew me away with his choices and I cracked up daily. Great fucking week. A shout out to Charlie Sheen this week, who no matter what, makes it to work and remembers his lines. Plus Platoon and Wall Street are awesome.

I want to give some free advertising to Sweet Leaf Tea for having the greatest name ever. It tastes pretty fucking good and is way cheaper than gay Snapple. Funny logo too. They sell it at Publix. Here's Ozzy with Geezer who also seem to enjoy the Tea. Legalize it.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Anniversary Friday

For the past 2 years Friday has been a day of letting out your frustrations and anger. Mainly thanking God It's Friday. We usually end on a good note, but usually describe what a fucked up week it has been. It has been yet been known for us to say "I had a great week"! Usually it's like "Fucking week from hell"! In either case we always look forward to the weekend and the madness that comes with it.
We usually get upset with weekly Customers, Goverment Changes, Sports, Kids but mainly with Work.
We always end the week with Rock Bands, Weed Quotes, Party Quotes and even Sex quotes. Here at Robotman we are harsh with the World, but we know what it takes to be a hard working provider.
This week in celebrating 2 years of posting, I would personally like to reach out to each and everyone of you readers and thank you for making this possible (Who am I kidding, there are only 2 of us reading it). In either case if there is someone out there reading this, thank you for keeping us going and pretty much this is all that remains of our past and present lives.

Smoke'em if you got'em!

Sacopapa out

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rocking Annivesary

For 2 years now, we have taken pride in showing you our favorite Heavy Metals Bands. This is due to our West New York heritage. You see being a Latino in West new York was very difficult back in the 70's. The Whites dominated West New york and pretty much ruled the city. So growing up and watching them with the cool cars, cool clothes and listening to Rock, inspired us to be like them. So by the time we were in 8th grade we were pretty much like them. We started to smoke pot, listen to Heavy Metal and started our own clan. By the time we were in High School, we were them.
Since that time we have pretty much been through our ups and downs, but we never changed our Heritage of Heavy Metal. Each particular band has had some kind of affect in our lives. For instance, Black Sabbath has always been a life lesson to me. AC DC has always help me in getting ready for parties. Iron Maiden helped me through my Army days. Metallica, say no more, they are the ones that opened our ears to speed metal as a freshman. Pantera got me through my divorce. Faith No More made me slow down and become a mellower person. The list goes on.
So you see Heavy Metal has been a big part of Robotman and we take pride in showing you the best bands from the past and future. So keep banging your head and keep playing air guitar, cause there is always one song that will affect you in more ways then one. The links will show you a small part of our daily lives and what band videos we relate to.
Here is the legendary Jimmy Hendrix and one of his most famous song that has turned us to be what we are today. As always smokem if you gottem.

Sacopapa Out!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Anniversary Wednesday

It was roughly 2 years ago that I joined the site and what fun it has been. We joke about Music, Politics, limelight ho's, Lunitic Actors but mostly it's about our dreams. We continue to pray for the Powerball so that we can do our huge party in Amsterdam. Dreams do come true and we will prevaile. For now we will continue down the same path as before. Talking mass trash about everyone. Some of the attached links bring back some good memories. Keep smoking them if you gottem and never let your dreams die down. Without them, we ain't shit.

Sacopapa out!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mad Max was Very Mad and other Tales

Joining us on Anniversary week is "Bayside Hooter babe with the nice and juicy ass". Click here for her story.

Last July me and Saco cracked up big time about the Mel Gibson going nuts tapes. Fucking guy is awesome. The crazy tapes added to his previous drunken arrest were he talked shit about Jews to the cops and called a lady sugar-tits at the police station. I mean besides entertaining me with the incredible Mad Max Series, Braveheart, and other movies, this shit is bonus free entertainment. In the crazy screaming tapes he call his wife a little communist bitch and tons of other ultra- hilarious wackiness. You couldn't make this shit up. I wish this motherfucker was my friend on Facebook.

Here is my original post with links to the recordings of Mel going berzerk. Comedy Gold. I wonder if Mel keeps a diary. Ozzy and Randy will take me out until I recap on Saturday, as the rest of the week belongs to the real Madman, Sacopapa.

Dust Days Remembered

Helping us celebrate Anniversary Week and Dust Day Remembered is a Robotman repeat babe, the juicy Denise Milani and her huge melons. After tapping that I would just sleep on those tatas for days.

We often remember the Angel dust days of our youth and how it's a miracle we are not dead between smoking it (jet fuel and embalming fluid seemed to be the main ingredients) and going to deep Harlem to cop it. Thank God Sacopapa can drive on anything.

One of the first and coolest posts on this topic was from Sacopapa. Dust Days! Enjoy. Saco and the Mustang, the original Dust Driver. He should have battled Crack Hitler.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Anniversary Week Kick-Off

What can I say, the "Robotman -Thought of the Day" Blog is two years old. Originally a spin-off of the perpetually in hiatus "My Wife Hates Me" blog, it has grown into the biggest inside joke of my life and much needed self-therapy. It's the alter-egos of two regular dudes (Robotman and Sacopapa) sick of the shit and laughing about it. Helping us celebrate is the first babe ever posted, the goddess that is Adriana Lima bringing us a rose.

Throughout the week, Saco and myself will be recalling some of our favorite posts and past crap of the last two years. Now, remembering my very first post, here is the theme song, a live version with the great Uli Jon Roth playing with Billy Corgan.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

NFL Sunday Scream with Ozzy

Sadly the Giants are sitting home today just like me to watch the Conference championships on TV. It's hard to decide who to root for today, as a kid in the 70's I kinda liked the Steelers and the whole Mean Joe Green deal and they beat Dallas. Plus my little brother, The Sugarking is a huge fan. On the other hand, when I lived in Jersey, my favorite AFC team was the Dolphins for awhile because I had the jacket when I was little and was born in Miami. So between that and being a Giants fan, I never really gave a shit about the Jets. I happened to move to South Florida in the late 90's just when Jimmy Johnson destroying the franchise and ruined the end of Dan Marino's career. It was horrible and the Dolphins organization may never recover. Additionally, I realized what lame little bitches Dolphin fans are down here, and how much they hate the Jets starting making me kinda like the Jets.

So I guess, go Jets. Let me hear you scream. Oh I couldn't care less about Packers and Bears, wish they could both lose.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hung Jury

As I mentioned earlier this week, I had jury duty and I was actually picked for the first time ever. It was a DWI case for this young chick. Very sloppy case presented by the state. Anyway no verdict was reached as coincidentally all the guys voted not guilty and the ladies voted guilty. Deadlock. If it was up to those fucking pilgrim ladies it would have been a hangman jury for that little ho.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Edwards Air Force Base

A Delta Four Heavy Rocket is scheduled to launch today at 1:08 p.m.

It is the largest rocket ever launched from the West Coast.
All previous Delta Four Heavy Rocket launches occurred at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Today's launch window opens at 12:30 and closes at 2:30 this afternoon. So keep an eye to the sky...

What better song than Father Ozzy doing Into the Void with Black Sabbath! I will be burning some good shit at 1:08 my time. Hopefully I will go into the Void with the Rocket! Smokem if you Gottem.

Sacopapa Out!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Boner

I'm not sure what it is about her that gives me a massive boner everytime I see her. I feel like she should be going out with me. Like we have a lot in common with her. Oh shit, wake the fuck up, it's only a dream! Jejejejeje. She is by far one of the hottest chicks in Hollywood. I hear that she goes both ways. How sweet would it be to have her and Swift at the same time? You would need to take a blue pill for sure! I wish could bump into her someday. Anyway for now, the pics will do. I bet she has some serious back seat rythm. Smokem if you gottem.

Sacopapa out!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jury Duty Tuesday

One hour to Wapner. I'm off to Jury Duty today. Who knows what characters and hoes I will see today. Maybe I will even send someone to the gallows. Maiden. Hallowed Be Thy Name.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Juicy Golden Globes

I have to post quick cause I'm at work. Last night channel surfing I came across the Golden Globe Awards. The highlight was Sofia Vergara's golden globes popping out of her dress. Such a fine Colombian beast. She has been giving me hard ons for years and I am glad she is showing off her massive tits and ass to American audiences now. She shook that fucking show.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Sabbath (Hangover Edition)

My latest batch of Kush ran out yesterday, so last night I turned to my old friend Jack Daniels. It was like old times, just fucking great. This morning though, I am feeling weak and shitting up a storm. I just don't have the endurance I did back in the day. Just more reason to stick to weed and wine. Very soon Jack may be joining the long list of shit I have given up over the last few decades. Ozzy recently quit everything, I don't even think the fucker even smokes weed, his only drug these days is Sharon's titty milk. Here is Ozzy telling us about another of our very dangerous old friends. My last coke binge was insane, but I will save that for the book.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Rocking Friday

Well Saco Jr has just discovered Angus Young. He couldn't believe the way that little fucker jammed on a video that I showed him. He now wants to pratice with his guitar and try out for the talent show next year at school. I think I've created a monster. Hopefully he doesn't find out about POT for the next 10 years. Which you and I know it will probably happen in the next 5 years. Not looking forward to that at all. Anyway, this past week it was fucked. My partners wife left that nigga this week and he is in the dumps. Left him with a 7 and 3 1/2 year old. Shit is fucked for him. That bitch left him for another dude. So I've been having to keep the company afloat. Shit is fucked.
Today I will take you out with Saco Jr's favorite video, Angus Young 1978 Bad Boy Boggie. Saco Jr lost it when he saw the energy in that little fuck. I only wish I could have seen them back in 1978 with Robotman. We would be different folks right now. Check out how he fucking jams. Those kids in the crowd had no clue the greatness they were watching. I don't care what anyone says, Angus is the fucking man!
Smokem if you gottem and be safe this weekend. Don't forget the Steak and wine!

Sacopapa out!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday SnM

We love how we contounously keep finding Hollywood honess here at Robotman. Here is the beautiful Paris Hilton. If only we could hit the power ball and invite Lindsey, Paris and maybe even Kelly Osborn to the Robotman Bash in Holland. This would be a dream come true. For now we'll settle with Tootsies. For the mean time we will be the Men on the Silver Mountain. Oldie but goodie Father Dio (RIP). Smokem if you gottem and don't ever give up on your dreams. You never know.

Sacopapa Out!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Tits

Don't have much time to post so here is some chick named Sophie Reade and her giant funbags. Whole Lotta Sophie. Just like Rosie.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Back to the Grind Monday

I was on vacation all of last week and today it's back to the corporate garbage pit after the holidays and vacation. As you can see in the picture (art by some guy named Rhys Cooper), Robotman is trying to get out of the can and will survive. It is take it easy 2011, so I will go with the flow, do what I gotta do and wait for the severance check. Anyway here is Slayer with my favorite greeting to all the fake fuckers in my office.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Sabbath

It's funny the other day I purchased and saw Machete on Blu-ray. Great retro movie and Lindsay Lohan is fully naked for most of her scenes and then dresses as a Nun (which by the way is fucking perfect for Sunday Sabbath). Then I check the blog and to my pleasant surprise, Sacopapa posts about her, her madness, and her beautiful tits, ass, and face. She fucking rocks. I would love to meet and get a pic with her.

In the next few weeks, we have great things coming up for Robotman fans, including Anniversary week, and our first inductees to the Robotman Hall of Fame. Plus other great new features and our old favorites. We are dreaming tomorrow's dream. Here are Father Ozzy and Sister Lindsay to tell us about it.

Congrats to The Jets.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wild Card Weekend

Wild weekend coming up. Who will be the winner? Who cares, the Giants didn't make it and they wouldn't have been able to beat the Eagles anyway. De pinga, they need a new coach. Fucking defense and Eli killed us one more year. I'm sick of it all! Oh well, it will be another induced alcohol consumption weekend. Smokem if you gotem.

Sacopapa out!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Plohaya Devochka

Plohaya Devochka!Plohaya Devochka!Plohaya Devochka! Smack smack smack!!
This is Oksana Pochepa and she is one of Russia's biggest pop star. Here in the States she is nothing more than a smack in the ass at Tootsies. A single dollar bill and on your way bitch! Anyway, she is pretty fucking hot and I would love nothing more than to tell her Plohaya Devochka! Here is a video of her. Not sure what she is saying but who cares. Her tits and ass are awesome. Here at Robotman we are fully multi cultured and we love em all! All you need to do is look slutty and you're on our site. Happy Thursday and Smokem if you gottem.

Sacopapa out!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

God Save the Queen

Jejejejejeje!!! The Palm Desert PD has just said they believe Lindsay Lohan committed multiple probation violations in her scuffle last month with a former Betty Ford staffer -- and the PD is referring the case to prosecutors.

There is no word for this worthless ho. We love her and her next job is Tootsies. I can't wait!!

Here is the perfect video for her. God Save the Queen by the Sex pistols. Smokem if you gottem.

Sacopapa Out!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Tea Time with Ozzy

So Ozzy and Slash had a tea time press conference in London to announce their tour together this year. Pretty cool and I hope to see them here in February. Ozzy even does a song on Slash's new album which is pretty cool. Also let me mention that the tea ho has a very nice set of tetas. Here are Ozzy and Slash with the Beatles classic, In My Life.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Giants End

Giants, even though you beat the Redskins, their Cheerleaders are still laughing at your sorry asses, just like the crowd at Washington chanting "Packers won!" towards the end of the game. I hope you guys fucking figure out how not to turnover the ball and how not to choke at the end of the season for next year. The Giants did it to themselves. They killed their own season. Ozzy with his new band. Killer of Giants.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Sabbath

Last year we lost a big part of Sabbath history, the great Ronnie James Dio. I would like to dedicate the first Sunday Sabbath of 2010 to him. Rest in Peace, your music will live on. Here is one of my favorite songs from the Dio Era, Country Girl.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Taking It Easy In 2011

Another year in now upon us. My resolution for this year is to take it easy, 2010 was by far too stressful. I want to take it nice and easy like the old days down the cliffs in Jersey smoking fatties just looking at the NYC skyline. No worries. So while everyone is worried about what they will do or what will happen, I will let the cards fall as they may and just laugh as Purple Lips keeps fucking shit up. I will take it easy, or at least try. Oh yeah and I will keep playing Lotto.