Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

2011 is right around the corner and we are wishing all our readers much success and a prosperous 2011. May all your dreams and wishes come true this coming year.

2010 was fucked but we made it. Couldn't have it through without my dear friend Robotman. This is the only place where I can go back into time and be the insane 16 year old that I was. Thanks Robotman for letting me partner up with you.

Tonight is the night when you can tell any motherfuckers to get bent. So with that said I'm taking you out with Mr Rob Halford and Judas Priest. Here is a live video of Hell Bent for Leather.

Smokem if you gottem and Good riddance 2010!

Sacopapa Out!


Babe of the Year

Competition is always fierce here at Robotman. There were so many contestants this year but we being picky fucks are always on the lookout for perfect Tits, Asses, Faces and overall Honess. If you have been in the limelight and have made headline news, we are on it. This year's Babe of the year goes to none other than Inez Sainz. She definitely deserves it! Congrats you eager to get on limelight Ho. Your ass and the fact that you saw about 22 cocks that one day has made the Robotman proud of you! You will have a great future with that jucy rump and sweet cum in your face look. May 2011 bring you much success and thank you again for that beautiful ass! Wishing you work at Tootsies someday..

We will give you 5 minutes to show us what you got. Enjoy and smokem if you gottem.

Sacopapa Out!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mischievous Little Elves

Thought Christmas was supposed to bring good shit. I just got word that the guy I choked out last month for being a dick is now trying to file a civil suit against me. Fucking dick and he will probably get all the rights as most douchbags usually do. I will fight it and will probably end up kicking his ass again.

Tomorrow I'm taking Mojonsita and Saco Jr snowboarding for Saco Jr Birthday. He is turning 9 and has been dying to go snowboarding. Mojonsita will take a ski lesson. End of the year approaching and very fast. We are getting mass snow in the mountains and should be epic.

With the bad news that was dumped on me like the snow in New Jersey, the perfect video is Velouria (Mischievous Little Elves). Enjoy this super cool video from the Pixies. They so rock for looking so plain. I will post tomorrow night and for the New Year. End of the Year babe approaching. We are so looking forward to seeing who will be the winner. Smokem if you gottem

Sacopapa Out!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another Year Passes....

Well, another year passes so quickly. Robotman makes it through another one, and this one was rough. But us old-school Jersey Hammerheads never give up. This is my last post of the year so everyone be cool and don't get arrested. Big thanks to my partner in crime, Sacopapa, for all the help with the blog. I will leave you with who else but Ozzy, telling us how life won't wait for you. Great lyrics.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Giant Suckage

Eli, you could have been banging that Packer Girl but instead she is laughing at you. How could you let the Fudge Packers beat you on a win and your in game. Same shit as last year with the late season bullshit. Looks like Bill Cowher will be coaching the Giants sooner than I thought.

Now Giants have to win next week and hope others lose. Giants really have their balls to the wall.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Sabbath

I (and Pamela) hope everyone had a great Christmas and I hope all of our friends up north did Ok with the snow. Here is Father Ozzy telling us about the snow.

Friday, December 24, 2010

'Twas the night before Christmas,

You're a mean one, Mister Grinch, You really are a heel, You're as cuddly as a cactus, you're as charming as an eel, Mister Grinch, You're a bad banana with a greasy black peel!

Well its almost Christmas and I still have shit to do. Fuck, I thought I could just chill and get drunk and high today. Nope, that shit can't happen for Sacopapa! Midget leg is here and already on my nerves. Mojonsita woke us up at 6:45 AM. We stayed up with crackhead granpa last night till 1:30 AM. Needless to say, I was not a happy fucking camper this morning. Oh well, one more night to go and then this entire ordeal will be over. Got to love it!!

Going to take you with what family resembels, The Griswolds. The Christmas movie is fucking hilarious! Merry Christmas to all and to all a Merry Chrismas! Smoke em if you got em. Drink wine, be merry, slap the ol Lady's Ass and be thankful that we still live in the greatest Country in the World!

Sacopapa Out!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


One more day before the Jolly ol fat fuck comes down the chimney. Hopefully it will be this Santa and coming directly from Tootsies to give me my Xmas gift. Keeping it in the spirit of Christmas here is Rudolph the Cocaine Nose Reindeer.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Xmas from Robotman

Merry Christmas to all. Drive safe. Be good. Fuck your wife. Drink wine and be merry. Saco will take you the rest of the week with his madness. Peace out.

Here is one of the coolest Christmas songs ever.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Sabbath

Wow, what a disaster for the Giants. The game wasn't on TV here but I was following along. Major choke. Seems they will now have to battle for a wild-card spot. Hell.

On the fantasy football front, even though I did not make the playoffs, Vick's comeback gives the Weedmen a victory which will get me the 5th pick in next years draft. Heaven.

Such a weird football day, here is a weird but cool version of Heaven and Hell, with Ian Gillan on vocals.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Orion Saturday

I recently saw a rerun of a Star Trek: Enterprise episode with this super hot Orion Slave Girl and it reminded me of 2 things, Eddie Murphy's joke about them and the following song. Cliff was the man.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My nigga Seth

Nigga hits the jackpot while looking for comic books. I bet this ho only wants his cash. I think he is pretty funny and has put out a new sitcom. It's called chicken Robot Star Wars. It's a funny ass show and I recommend you watch it. Here is a quick video of the show.

Sacopapa out!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Dirty Women Update

Just a quick update. I haven't been in a posting groove lately, but Cristina Aguilera having her taken in her closet ho pics "leaked" was pretty cool. We love dirty women here at Robotman.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

No Mercy

How much more is purple lip going to fuck this Country? So Democratic party said No to the Tax Vote. Finally the sheep are starting to wake up. I bet he will find some other loop hole to fuck with us some other way. He is like the Angel of Death, so what better song for this fuck! Enjoy!

Sacopapa out!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Argentina Rocks

Miss Reef Argentina, with that said here is a music video by Gauchos De Acero. This band concist of 3 little schmucks from Argentina. They are wanna bes, but they sound pretty good so far. I'm sure they will make it in the future.
Not much to report today. Busy as fuck and just trying to keep it together. Enjoy and smokem if you gottem.

Sacopapa out!


Friday, December 3, 2010


Well, I missed the last show which was at Hollywood Paladium in Hollywood. Wahh wahh waaaaaaahhh!! I'm such a fucking loser. Couldnt make the show cause of shit that evolves around this household. You feel me? Anyway, they are now off to Chile for the last show. Who knows when they will be back. Hopefully Mike and FNM come around again. I will keep an eye open on FNM.COM. It looks like it was a great show. Here is the last song of the night at the Paladium. It's Pristina. Enjoy and smokem if you gottem. Tomorrow is wine tasting and I have invited some serious snatch for viewing pleasure. Peace out!

Sacopapa out!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday Babe

Here is the beautiful Rosie Huntington Whiteley from England. If I was Prince William, this be the Ho I would bang!
What a fucking day, mass work again and no orders. I had one cancellation order from some stupid bitch that thinks her shit doesn't stink. Fucking Corporate whores, they are all about the power trip. Like Father Ozzy Says, "Ladies digging gold from you Will they still dig now you're through". I think today we should go out with The Writ, since Corporations are all about lying, cheating, stealing and beating up our living souls to death. Fucking hate them all. Including you Purple Lip!

Sacopapa out!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hump Day Wishes

All I want for Christmas is this hot chick with mass weed! I have found the reefer madness of sexy ho's. Click here. All these chicks are extremely hot. I only wish Santa brings me one of this stoner hos and a pound of some killer Afgan Kush!
Today was hell as usual. Mass request from customers and zero fucking orders. That is my normal day now a days. Bust your ass and no rewards. The usual. Sometimes I feel like going Gun Ho on all my clients.
This is the only time of the day that I get to unwind from a crazy fucking day. The only time of the day where I get peace and tranquility. I Love The Robotman!

Sacopapa Out!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Silver Tuesday

Once again one of our favorites here at Robotman, the very hot and juicy Kim Kardashian and her lovely mountains all painted in silver for some magazine. She looks like a Robo-Babe.

Ronnie James Dio (RIP) often spoke of the Silver Mountains. Here in his days with Blackmore's Rainbow.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sweet Boobs!

Wednesday's babe is Christina Hendricks from Mad Man. Her boobs are the hottest tits in Hollywood right now. If you want to see other pictures of this fox click here. She has all natural tits which are hard to believe these days. I would give anything to glaze that rack! Love the way she bulges out of her tops!She is definetely one of the Hottest reds ever. I wonder if her drapes match her carpet? Hummm. I hope she is strip searched next time she boards a plane so one of the TSA agents can leak it out to TMZ. Loving TSA lately, Jejejeje. Enjoy this hump day and smokem if you gottem.

Sacopapa out!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giant Fumble

I know this happened two days ago, but it took me all day yesterday to wrap my head around it. Fucking Eli, your kidding me. He couldn't decide whether to run or slide, it's a miracle he didn't break his ankle to top it off. Dude, enough already, shake off it off , you will never be as good as your brother. Stop doing stupid shit. That fumble was the ultimate sin, or are you just a secret loser? Giants need you to step up the rest of the season.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fox of the Week

Laurie Dhue. She is not with Fox News anymore but what a beast. You know Geraldo wanted to bang her. She has a mouth that gives Angelina Jolie some competition, sweet face . It would just be Voodoo. Tell us Jimi.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday with the Osbournes

Kelly once again showing off the goods after losing 50 lbs. The whole rocker's daughter thing is kinda weird, but Kelly has become quite slam-able. I guess the best song to listen to while you banged her would be Children of the Grave. Enjoy your NFL today. Go Giants.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Best Medicine

I'm taking a few vacation days next week. Thank Buddha! (I just don't thank that fat fucker enough, no Buddhists blowing up buildings and planes and shit). Some nice NY Strips this weekend, football, wine, weed, and the Turkey-day food and alcohol bonanza at my house all on the agenda for the week. Some good medicine for the mind and soul. Take it from Dr. Robo. I'd probably go the the regular doctor more if they had stripper nurses.

UFO with the great Michael Schenker.

Friday, November 19, 2010

What a Mess

Another fucking Messy Week down the drain! Man, shit has to get easier sooner than later. My meeting with the Solar Energy guy went great! I think I can probably do this shit on my own with a few friends that I know. We are going to study this shit a little longer before we indulge. This weekend is packed with kids activities. Yeah us, NOT!!! I hate to be running around all over the place for the kids. Oh well what can you do...
On a lighter note, I picked up two bottles of Red Wine for Queen Sheba and I. I love Fridays, its the only night that I stay up late and party. It's the one day that I really get time for myself with Queen Sheba. Hopefully we'll get down and dirty tonight. Keeping my balls crossed for that!
Here is my boy Patton doing Kindergarden. I truly enjoy this fuck and I will be bumbed to miss his US concert with FNM. Sucks Balls!

Sacopapa out!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hot Thursday

It was hot today in Cali, so what better way to cool off. Here is the juicy Lorena Orozco from Colombia with her big fat nipples and fat ass. This ho belongs at Tootsies. Maybe they should hire ROBOSACO as international recruiters for the place. We would bring in mass talent. Enjoy this hot Video. Smokem if you Gottem.

Sacopapa Out!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bloody Wednesday

Feeling like a Bloody Wednesday today. Shit has been super slow and tomorrow I'm off to meet my new opportunity. I might as well start sucking on the Goverment Tit. This new contact is for Solar Energy and supposedly this is the time to get in. We'll see after tomorrow. Anyway today I've been day dreaming about my trip to Florida. I wish I could make that trip every month. Too much fun in the sun. The call a cab, Tootsies and the concert is something I will never forget. I only hope that I can do that once a year now. Speaking on the concert, I found a nice clean video of Slayer. Enjoy it and smokem if you gottem.

Sacopapa out!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Every Dog Has His Day

Michael Vick. Holy shit, hats off. Monday night I saw one of the greatest QB performances in history.

So how does this effect me? In day to day life it effects me zero point zero, unless Vick plans to give me $1M or something. I doubt that will happen since I have criticized him and used the picture below. Droopy is fucking pissed.

I am, though, affected as a Giants fan. After the embarrassing loss to the Fagboys Sunday and Super Vick, the Giants better be viewing film and preparing for this game. Game is for first place and potential division winner.

In Fantasy I had him in one league and played against him in the other. Weedmen win breaking my leagues scoring record with Vick and win easily, are now 4-6 with slim playoff hopes. Robotmen lose against Vick by one point. Brutal. Instead of 5-5 in the playoff hunt are 4-6. Blows.

Oh, and to the redhead eagle cheerleader above, nice jobs squeezing the tatas together.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fox of the Week

Fox News has so many fine wenches reporting, this will be a new feature. This week the delicious Ainsley Earhardt. What a body, set of cans, face and lips, yet just annoying enough that you would fuck her extra hard to shut her up once in awhile. Bonus: she hates Purple Lips.

Here is Jimi telling us about the Foxes on Fox.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Shots with Ozzy

I'm shot, I need shots, I should take a shot at something. Saco is right it's been a fucked up week and I'm still pissed prop 19 failed. I'm still stuck in the corporate world which has never been for me. I feel like Ozzy in the pic above.

Well at least I have today off, so I can smoke my Orange Crush, have shots, watch football, and BBQ. But soon I may have to take my shot, even if it's in the dark.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Well it's finaly Friday and I am BURNT the FUCK OUT!! Horrible week with issues, family sickness, asshole partners and dumb fucking customers. The only thing that kept me sane was my medical weed. Thank god for that. Anyway today I show you beautiful Kacey Barnfield from Resident Evil. She has one of those Angel faces that I wish I could cum all over. She needs to be working at Tootsies by all means. She is one of the hottest chicks in Hollywood. Time for me and Saco Jr to go train at Jitsu, so I take you out with Rob Zombie Resident Evil 3. Rob is fucking cool as hell. Anyway smokem if you gotem. Peace out bitches!

Sacopapa Out!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Bust

Well, big bust today. Prop 19 failed due to rich fucks not backing it up with cash. GOP wins! hurray, yet same old shit again. Pelosi is out! That Bitch can finally stop spending all of our hard earned cash.

One good thing, Charlie is back in the news. He was caught with a 22 year old porn star at the Ritz in New York after a security and cops were called to the room. The porn star was found in the bathroom freaking out. Charlie is my fucking idol! I bet he lost it when she would not let him have anal. Cocaine and booze the drug of choice for my man Charlie.

San Franciso Fags finally beat the Ranger Queers. After 48 years they finally win a World Series, 3 to 1 win on the 5th game. Congrats to the flaming fags!

Awww poor Brett got a woowoo on his chin. Old man, it's time to let the young take over. Fucking guy was taken out on Monday night after a vicious sack from Myron Pryor which left Brett with 10 stiches on his chin. Hate the fucking media and how they made it sound. Robosaco would of sounded like this, Robo"Oh shit, the nigga took a major hit". Saco "Same way Brett was hitting Jenn Sterger" Robosaco"Hahahahahaha".

Anyway, I'm glad I still have a Medical Marijuana connection, cause now I'm getting the super Bomb Kush. Got to love it!

Smokem if you gottem and we'll catch up tomorrow.

P.S. Have you seen Kelly Osbourne Lately. WOW!!! Suck her tits anyday!!
The Wizard must have transformed her.

Sacopapa out!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Osbourne Halloween

Back in the day in West New York, NJ at this time of year you had to walk around carefully as eggs where flying everywhere, fucking war zone. Funny shit. Anyway Happy Halloween, I'll being enjoying NFL as much as possible today, and maybe I'll even pop on a mask to scare some little trick or treater.

Just in time for Halloween, the newly thin Kelly Osbourne doing a retro 007 Goldfinger thing. It would be cool if she got fucked with the body paint on. For Halloween, one of Ozzy's creepiest songs, with the immortal Randy Rhoads.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

AWWWW, my favorite time of the year. World Series, NFL, Basket Ball, Hockey and bring out the sluts!! Yes, it will be here in 2 days and all the secrets sluts come out of the closet. The one time even when a nerdy ho goes full out and shows her true colors. I love it. So many of Sexy costumes to see. I hope you can all make it to some slut bash party!
I'm still sick as fuck and hope I can knock this shit out of my system by tomorrow night. I wish you all a safe Halloween and hope some sexy vampire sucks the blood out of your mud vein! Smokem if you gottem.
Today I take you out with Mike Patton's Fantomas. Little Damien was the shit back in the day.

Sacopapa Out!!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sick as a dog

Saco Junior is sick and now I have the bug. Depinga having sick kids around you. Not much to say. Just doing mass liquids and chicken soup. Kill me, kill me now. Hopefully I'll be better by tomorrow. I hope we have a great World Series, should be an interesting one! Smokem if you gottem. Going bye bye to bed!

Sacopapa out!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Castles and Jimi

Sometimes things I think I was born the wrong century. It may have not been so bad to have a sword and a horse and live in a Spanish Castle. Otherwise, as Saco always says, we were born a decade to late, then at least we could have seen Jimi play Spanish Castle Magic live. Men out of time.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Saco Jr Karate News

Our favorite little Hammer Head competed this past weekend taking home 4 Throphies. He took 3rd place in musical weapons, 2nd in musical kata, 3rd in Traditional forms, 4th in traditional weapons and 5th in Sparring. He for sure will be ass kicking everyones ass in High School. Which should be fun for us parents having to go every other day to school cause little Hammer Head has bashed some kid up. Anyway, here is a small video that I promised Robotman I would post in his name. Here he is doing double nunchuk kata with Metallicas Metal Militia song. He looks pretty bad ass for an 8 year old little hammer head.

Smokem if you gottem.

Sacopapa out!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Argentina Week with Nips & Camel Toe

I'm on a business trip this whole week to Argentina. Kinda sucks that I have to work like 12 hours a day, but whatever. I did see my and Sacopapa's old friend Disco Rocking Horse on Sunday who is working down here. He sparked up and cooked parrilla, very cool.

Above is the Argentina World Cup slut (every country has one and they are the best part about soccer), there are other pics of her online, but this one she looks like she is jerking someone and has a cock up her ass. Plus rock hard nips are always cool.

Below my favorite Argentine Babe, Roxana Martinez, "La Tetanic". We all know about her massive natural boobs but here she is kicking some serious camel toe action.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em and see you when I see you.

Friday, October 15, 2010

TGIF Motherfuckers!

Crazy fucking week with work. Seems that all I do is complain about work. I've been talking to Robo about starting our own gig. Not sure if it would take off or not. There is only one way to find out. And that is to do it. Could be the next best thing to hit South Miami. Who fucking knows.

This is Kittie, I wouldn't mind fucking these ho's. They sound good for a bunch of whores.

Enjoy and smokem if you gottem.

Peace out bitches!

Sacopapa out!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Hos

Not much to report as I have been up to my eyeballs in fucking work. So much bullshit going on and I'm currently late going to pick up Mojonsita. The story of my life (Quote, Unquote). Catch you bitches tomorrow when I have more time. Smokem if you gotem.

Sacopapa out!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yankees News and Tuesday Tits & Ass

With everything going on lately haven't posted about the Yanks. Once again the Yankees whip the sorry Twinkies. Swept their asses.

Yesterday Minka Kelly was named sexiest babe by some magazine, and Derek is tapping that shit. Fucking kid, another one to his stable of unreal hoes. The guy should chill with Robosaco one of these days. Derek and the Yanks are going all the way again this fall. Champs.

On the Fantasy Football front, even though the Vikes lost the game against the Jets, Brett Favre came through with 3 TDs and brought the Weedmen to victory, now 3-2. Robotmen also win their first game, now 1-4.

They are all Champions.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Night Football and Ho

I need Old Man Favre to come up big tonight and take the Weedmen to victory. He always plays good under stress. And we have stress with this weeks news that he is being accused of sending hornbag voicemail and texts messages and a pic of his cock to Jenn Sterger while she was a Jets sideline Ho and he was on the Jets. She first became famous showing her large melons at Florida college games. Plus she looks like a younger version of his wife.

Well Brett happy 41st B-day Sunday, I hope you play as hard tonight as hard as you tapped that ass and slapped those tatas and make all us over 40's proud. It's a Midlife Crisis...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Sabbath with a Priest and a Nun

After the Robosaco week long hangover, just getting back to a normal rhythm with a special Sunday Sabbath. Rob Halford has stepped in for Ozzy on a couple of Sabbath shows in the past, and has a few shows scheduled with Ozzy this fall so who knows if it will happen again this tour. Ozzy arena tour dates are being released slowly with rumors of Slash opening show in January. Hopefully I can see Oz this tour.

Here is Father Rob with the famous sermon of fear.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Slayer Saturday

Even though we mentioned how great Anthrax was last week, don't get me wrong. Slayer was Slayer. No matter what I say I can't keep out of the mosh pit, their music still makes my old ass go berserk. I have seen this band 4 times and I have ended up on my ass and with some injury each time. They are the Kings of Thrash and their fan base goes from 14 years old to old as fuck. As usual Seasons in the Abyss was unreal. Above pic is Sandra, Tom Araya's wife with Joan Jett. Pretty nice tits.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Why doesn't everybody leave me alone?

Fuck every since I got back from Robo Land, everyone has been on my shit. Fuck, I so wanna get back to Tootsies right about now. The fucking clients are all over me, Queen Sheba fucking sick and dragging ass all over the place. The fucking Monkeys constantly asking for something. I wanna go back to my Russian Tiger. No worries, No stress and 100% pure enjoyment. Maybe if I click my heels three times I will get there. Fuck! It's didn't work. Oh well, back to the fucking grind. Later bitches, smokem if you gotem. Why don't just get out my life?!

Sacopapa Out!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Partners in Crime

Wow, the Robosaco reunion was out of this world. This by far will go down as one of the best times of my life. Somethings will never change, like Pot Smoking, not giving a fuck and feverishly sick over chicks. If I lived in Miami I would get divorced. The chicks are insanely hot and insanely horny. The bar scene and that whole horny vibe that runs through South Beach is the best. Call a Cab! What an awesome drink. 3 drinks at Wet Willies and you better call a cab.

Concert day started out with a fat juicy jay, Cuban Food and for the Alcoholic Saco, Coronas. We chilled watched Fantasy Football stats and the Jets Game. We then started our mission to the Antrax/Megadeath/Slayer concert. Oh by the way, rolling with Robosaco you will always have the choice parking. LOL!!

We get there kind of early and proceed to go have drinks at hooters. This turned into a fucking drinking bindge and horny toad fest. Roboman is out of control! The chicks were insanely hot at Hooter. Thank god for for Hooters, those Ho's know how to start a party. The concert was one of the best shows ever! Even though Antrax set was short. We thought they were better than Megadeath and Slayer. Slayer ended the show on a great note! Fucking insane concert. Sorry about your pinky Robotman, there was no need for you to fuck it up. The pit was sick and you should of not gone in.

I've been around the States and have seen a ton of Strip Bars. Let me tell you Tootsies in Miami has to be by far #1 in my books. 152 hot ladies walking around at any given time of the day. They were all so beautiful and so loving. At one particular point, I really thought about getting divorced and moving to South Beach. There were chicks from all around the world. With the help of my buddy Robo, he was able to introduce me to a Sweet Siberian Tiger. Wow as soon as I heard that Russian accent, I was behind closed curtains faster than a squirrel getting a nut. This Tiger was one of the hottest chicks ever. The best part is that she loved getting called Bad Girl in Russian(plohaya devochka)while I had her on my lap smacking the shit out of her ass! That was insane! I won't go into details of what happened Afterwards but it was a super sweet and happy ending.

The vaca came to an end with trying to soak alcohol out of my stomach with some good greesy New York Style Pizza. And now I'm back dealing with the Monkeys and Queen Sheeba. Aahh, but those memories will last a life time. I'm so happy that Robotman is my true partner in crime. Without him, I would not be here typing all this shit out for you to read.

Love you bro, you da man!!

Sacopapa out!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sacapapa has left the building.....

What a weekend. Laughs, food, South Beach, and Metal. Sacopapa is still insane. Dropped that fucker at the airport a while ago for his cross county journey in coach hell. All the bands where great, and even though they had the shortest set, Anthrax were the tightest and Joey Belladonna sounded great. I hadn't seen them with Joey since 1992 in NYC. Before the show on Sunday we where at the Bay Front Hooters and we spotted the ass above. Quite round and plump.

Anyway this song rocked last night.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Florida or Bust!

Well, I'm only 24 hours from departing to Florida. I hope I get to have a nice Cuban Sandwich while I'm there. This week has been a pain in the ass with work. I'm on a personal goal to sign up 10 customers within 30 days so I can collect 25K in revenew. This means a nice fat check for X-Mas. 16 year old Saco would have told me to fuck off and drive to NYC for a bag of dust.

Stormy weather approaches Florida, I hope it doesn't rain on Sunday for the concert. If it does, even better. Nice wet perky nips all around us! So looking forward to seeing Antrax and Megadeath. Should be an awesome time.

Well, if you don't hear from me next Wednesday is because I died at the concert! Jejejeje. Naw, keep you guys posted next week. Until then, smokem if you gottem.


Sacopapa Out!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Giant Doom & Titan Babe

Giants are killing me. Another cheerleader with very nice cans laughing at Eli. Weak, bro.

On the fantasy front, thanks to Michael Vick and DeSean, the Weedmen go to 2-1, Robotman, sadly go to 0-3, with a difficult QB situation. I had posted shit about Vick awhile back, couldn't find the post but here is the pic I used. Fucking Funny.

Dont know how many more posts this week, as work will be the usual horseshit, but I have Friday off as I gear up for Sacopapa's west coast bitch ass to arrive for the Slayer/Megadeth/Anthrax concert this weekend.

Continuing with the Doom theme with the Sabbath cover....