Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mischievous Little Elves

Thought Christmas was supposed to bring good shit. I just got word that the guy I choked out last month for being a dick is now trying to file a civil suit against me. Fucking dick and he will probably get all the rights as most douchbags usually do. I will fight it and will probably end up kicking his ass again.

Tomorrow I'm taking Mojonsita and Saco Jr snowboarding for Saco Jr Birthday. He is turning 9 and has been dying to go snowboarding. Mojonsita will take a ski lesson. End of the year approaching and very fast. We are getting mass snow in the mountains and should be epic.

With the bad news that was dumped on me like the snow in New Jersey, the perfect video is Velouria (Mischievous Little Elves). Enjoy this super cool video from the Pixies. They so rock for looking so plain. I will post tomorrow night and for the New Year. End of the Year babe approaching. We are so looking forward to seeing who will be the winner. Smokem if you gottem

Sacopapa Out!


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