Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Robotman Hall Of Fame-First Inductee

This guy needs no introduction. I am happy to announce that Charlie Sheen is our first inductee into the The Robotman Hall Of Fame. Not only was he awesome in Platoon, but he is an unapologetic madman that has been cracking me up for years with his antics. And you know he tapped that Denise Richards ass silly and has had tons of porn stars and hookers. With his movie career floundering he hits the lottery again with a dopey sitcom. Some guys have all the luck. Sacopapa saw him at a Dodgers game once and said the guy is a walking party. I was gonna wait to do the first RHOF deal, but this guy just can't wait. Congrats Charlie! Click here for his recent interview, which is the best freaking interview I have seen in quite awhile. Seriously, check it. Below his epic speech at the end of Platoon.

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