Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Coming Up

Fucking week from hell is finally over. I finally got all my personal billing issues taken care of. This includes, my internet services, Cable services at home, Verizon assholes, and my Dog's Medical bills. Fucking seems like hamster wheel with all the turmoil. Eventually this shit has got to get better. When will that happen? Who fucking knows. I think that once you become an Adult and go on your own, you're basically fucked till you Die. I'm currently thinking of ways to make side cash. As always there is mass red tape involved and I will probably fail at it. Keep you posted on that.

This weekend is Mother's Day. So I wish all the Mother's a Happy Day and all the lazy fucking Dad's, will do something nice for them. They put up with a ton of our shit, so it's just right to do something nice for them. I will probably get some flowers, card, Wine, Steaks, get her ass drunk and then mass dick for desert.

Smoke'em if you got'em and enjoy the weekend!

Sacopapa Out!

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