Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Black September

When is this going to end? When will they get it through their thick fucking head bands that our Goverment is watching every move they make. Counter-terror agents raided several city apartments on Tuesday searching for evidence that could link a half-dozen suspected terrorists to a recently uncovered plot to bomb in New York.
When the fuck are you going to leave us alone? We know who you are and where you reside. There is no hidding for you anymore. Between 16 and 20 men are under surveillance - as are their haunts in the city. The News also reported that NYPD investigators, in coordination with the FBI, hit chemical and fertilizer companies looking for customers who bought bulk and paid cash - and were also showing up at storage centers in Long Island City. HELLO!!! Like we are not suspicious when you do this you dumb fucking terrorist. G-men also discovered Zazi's fingerprints on batteries and other items that could be used to make explosives. The feds are also investigating reports that group of Afghan men tried to rent a 26-foot truck from a Queens U-Haul on Sept. 9. Like we don't question when towel heads want to rent a U-Haul Truck. This guys are morons! Here is the video. Check it out. Sacopapa out!


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  1. Hang all those fuckers by the balls. US must be secure.