Wednesday, August 25, 2010

San Diego here we come!

This town is full of mass hot tail! I can't wait to chill by the beach all day long. I have packed my cooler full of beer and half a case of wine. I expect to be fucked up all day long. I'm also bringing my Bose radio and the 80GB IPOD. I shall make this a chilled 4 days at the beach. I hope there will be nothing but hot ass hos at the pool. This will give me great banging material for Queen Sheeba. I've been looking forward to getting out of town for a while. Shit is too hectic and the weather has been Blazzing Hot. Anyway, I will be back on Sunday and back to reality once again. Saco Jr starts school on Monday the 30th and I go back to being a chump once again. Hopefully Saco Jr has a hot teacher like last year. Man she was very hot!! Enough said, packing the truck and we are out bitches!! Later, smokem if you gottem.

Had to post this video as school start soon. I used to love this video when it first came out. All time favoite!

Sacopapa out!


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