Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Black Friday!

Why?! Who in their right mind gets up at 3AM to go shopping. You would think the greatest country in the world would run the sales all day long. Fuck no, they do this shit from 4AM till 11AM. Who ever came up with this concept was a Douch! I went to get Saco Jr a Nintendo DSI and it was fucking may ham at ToyrUs. I got lucky and some homie let me slide in the line as there were only 15 packages left in the whole fucking store. Some old lady gave me a dirty look, me being from WNY I didn't give a fuck. I rather ride a fat fucking cow than to do that shit ever again. What a pain in the fucking ass. Anyway my father in law was here yesterday and the nigga was ok. He didn't do anything crazy for me to post. Sucks!!

Today I take you out with Machine Head Halo. If you have never played the game, I recommend that you do. Very addicting game if you smoke one before you play. Have a great weekend and I'll let Robotman take it from here with his acid head mind.


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