Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Judging Sarah

My wife was yapping about how Sarah Palin* was on Oprah today. Look, I know she's kind of kooky and one of those annoying PTA moms that won't shut up, but she really got a media beating while his majesty got a free ride. The truth is she is almost as unqualified as Obama to be Vice-President much less President, but at least is tappable. It was always Obama vs. Bush or Obama vs. Palin, avoiding McCain. Our chance to put a real moderate in the White House gone for who knows how many decades. Truly sad. Regardless of the questionable choice of the McCain camp as Palin as runningmate, I think he would have lost the election as the sheep had already flocked to Obama's Welfare Nipple. At minimum, I would hope that McCain at least got a blowjob from Sarah. It's really the least she can do. In closing, here are the Sex Pistols with a song for the Queen of Alaska....

*Yes I know it's photoshop, but a boob job may help her with the horny old dude vote in 2012, which is quite the large voting block.

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