Friday, March 12, 2010

Sunny High Friday

It was 78 degrees today and the girls were out in Force. It's nuts living in California. The second the temps go up above 75, the Chickens come out to the beach.
Today I did something that I have not seen in a long time. I went to see Mr. Green thumb at his house. The second I walked in I was sprayed by a skunk. He has several skunks trapped in several closets with lights, air conditioners, drip system and enclosed in Foil blankets. This was straight out of a Cheech and Chong movie. It was a beautiful site! He then took me to meet Thumper the destructor of Mind Cells. This was a sweet looking one, it was must stand at least 3 1/2 Ft tall. The skunk turds were sweet.
I can't wait till all the skunds are ready to Parte! Keep you posted in the next 2 weeks and will let you know if the skuns were good or bad. So far this is medical material and can't go wrong with the prices. Can't wait till it's legal to bare plants in Cali and I mean put Phillip Morris out of it's mysery.

Enjoy the weekend and smoke em if you got em.

Sacopapa out!!


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