Friday, May 14, 2010

Rock Friday

It's finally fucking Friday! Thank god man, its been very busy and shit doesn't seem to be slowing down. Great for a 1099 but sucking mass balls if you are a W2. The good thing is that I can fuck off when I want.

Going to hit the cougar bar tonight with a buddy that is going through a divorce. He is super cool and a cop. I asked him why he didn't shoot them both when he caught them in the act. He said it wasn't worth it. Fucking Ho's, I would of gone WNY on both their asses with the 007 knife.

Should be fun tonight and I hope everyone has fun this weekend. As always smokem if you gottem! Enjoy this cool video from Fear Factory. This guys fucking Jam!!! Later and peace out bitches!!

Sacopapa Out!


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