Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saco Junior Little League News

Well the season is coming to an end and they sucked balls this year really bad! There were only 4 good hitters in the team this year. Saco Junior was #2 in most hits this year. His team was majorly crapy this year, they lost more games than won. The good thing is that Saco Junior had a great season and he will only get better as he gets older. He will be missing the next season as he will be concentrating on getting his black belt in Karate.

The other let down this year was there were zero hot moms on the team. They were all fat nasty Mexican chicks and with zero personality. Too bad, maybe some day we will get a load of hot Milfs on the team. Hated that all the guys were checking out my wife. I think we may need to branch out and look for another league to play at. Although his coach was the fucking man with Saco Junior.

All I can say is that he will only get better as he gets older. His Baseball future is wide open. What he does with it will be up to him. I only pray to god that he never gets around Pot heads when he get into High School.

Glad to be back and posting again. Hopefully we can get back on track again. Peace out bitches!

Sacopapa Out!

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