Friday, June 11, 2010

2010 World Cup

2010 World Cup is on its way. Mandelas grandaughter Zenani who was 13 years old died in a car crash this morning. She was going back to her home after a pre-World Cup concert in Soweto. Hopefully this doesn't turn into mass deaths in Africa, like when Ali and Big George fought. Rumors are that Idi Amin had slaughtered thousands of African before the big fight. The ring was set up where they had been slaughtered and when people were standing to watch them they were standing in pools of blood. If you get a chance to rent Spike Lee's "For all the kings", get it. It's an amazing autobiography of Rumble in the jungle. Fucking crazy times.

I hope the US does great this time as they seem to suck balls every 4 years in this event. It will probably come down to a European team and a South Amercian team at the finals. Brazil will most likely make it to the end as usual. Can't wait for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Robotman and Sacopapa will fulfill their reunion in Brazil with mass Ass and Tatas all around them.

fucking crazy week as usual but made through. This weekend is packed with Karate Tournaments and Basketball fever. As always Saco wishes everyone to smokem if you gottem. God knows I need to replenish!.

Going to take you out with an old favorite Video called Minerva by Deftones. Enjoy it.

Sacopapa out!


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