Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Night Party

Friday night was memorable for the Four Horsemen. We used to plan our Friday night on Monday during school. The Mustang would have plenty of Gas to get to Harlem and enough to make it to the Village and back to WNY. Friday nights were always movie night, whether we watched Rocky Horror Picture Show or Repoman. We must of seen both those movies at least 50 or so times. Every time we went it was a different experience.

One time we got some good old phenylcyclohexylpiperidine and our trip ended taking us to the 8th street playhouse in the Village where we saw Rocky Horror picture show. This time we were ballsy and decided to smoke it in the Theather. Everyone around us was screaming cause they knew what that smell was. We didn't give a shit about anyone or what they thought. We were kingsmen and who could fuck with 4 retarted Hammerheads? No one, not a single person wanted to deal with 4 criminals. My good buddy Robo was so hammered that when Jane came around dancing, he boldly grabbed her by the waist, threw her on his lap and decided to grab her ass. The chick screamed and we all laughed. I think she liked it as she was smiling when she walked away. Fucking whore! I just looked at him and told him he was the man!

Kids now a days would not have the balls to do shit like we used. We were free young and didn't give a shit about anything. Growing up with the Four Horse Man made me who I am today. I still don't give a fuck about anyone, I still smoke whenever I feel like it and grab my old lady's ass as much as I can. It is times like this when I look back and say holyshit, we were fucking awesome!

So if anyone is reading this, go out tonight, smoke some weed, go throw a brick through a restaurant's window, go punch in the face that guy wearing his sweater around his neck. Grab some ramdom chicks ass, do somethign that is very different. These new kids are all wired and programmed. Ipods, DXI Game, Cell Phones, WII, PS3, fuck all that. We used to hang and have more fun than any of that shit.

Live your life to the fullest. Life goes by very fast and before you know it, you will be behind a cubicle hating the world. I know, I've been there!

Peace out bitches and smokem if you gotem. P.S. Good Luck Robot Jr, Jersey will either make you or break you. Stay tough Yo!!!

Sacopapa out!


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  1. The good old days. That Janet bitch was so hot.