Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

AWWWW, my favorite time of the year. World Series, NFL, Basket Ball, Hockey and bring out the sluts!! Yes, it will be here in 2 days and all the secrets sluts come out of the closet. The one time even when a nerdy ho goes full out and shows her true colors. I love it. So many of Sexy costumes to see. I hope you can all make it to some slut bash party!
I'm still sick as fuck and hope I can knock this shit out of my system by tomorrow night. I wish you all a safe Halloween and hope some sexy vampire sucks the blood out of your mud vein! Smokem if you gottem.
Today I take you out with Mike Patton's Fantomas. Little Damien was the shit back in the day.

Sacopapa Out!!


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