Thursday, October 7, 2010

Partners in Crime

Wow, the Robosaco reunion was out of this world. This by far will go down as one of the best times of my life. Somethings will never change, like Pot Smoking, not giving a fuck and feverishly sick over chicks. If I lived in Miami I would get divorced. The chicks are insanely hot and insanely horny. The bar scene and that whole horny vibe that runs through South Beach is the best. Call a Cab! What an awesome drink. 3 drinks at Wet Willies and you better call a cab.

Concert day started out with a fat juicy jay, Cuban Food and for the Alcoholic Saco, Coronas. We chilled watched Fantasy Football stats and the Jets Game. We then started our mission to the Antrax/Megadeath/Slayer concert. Oh by the way, rolling with Robosaco you will always have the choice parking. LOL!!

We get there kind of early and proceed to go have drinks at hooters. This turned into a fucking drinking bindge and horny toad fest. Roboman is out of control! The chicks were insanely hot at Hooter. Thank god for for Hooters, those Ho's know how to start a party. The concert was one of the best shows ever! Even though Antrax set was short. We thought they were better than Megadeath and Slayer. Slayer ended the show on a great note! Fucking insane concert. Sorry about your pinky Robotman, there was no need for you to fuck it up. The pit was sick and you should of not gone in.

I've been around the States and have seen a ton of Strip Bars. Let me tell you Tootsies in Miami has to be by far #1 in my books. 152 hot ladies walking around at any given time of the day. They were all so beautiful and so loving. At one particular point, I really thought about getting divorced and moving to South Beach. There were chicks from all around the world. With the help of my buddy Robo, he was able to introduce me to a Sweet Siberian Tiger. Wow as soon as I heard that Russian accent, I was behind closed curtains faster than a squirrel getting a nut. This Tiger was one of the hottest chicks ever. The best part is that she loved getting called Bad Girl in Russian(plohaya devochka)while I had her on my lap smacking the shit out of her ass! That was insane! I won't go into details of what happened Afterwards but it was a super sweet and happy ending.

The vaca came to an end with trying to soak alcohol out of my stomach with some good greesy New York Style Pizza. And now I'm back dealing with the Monkeys and Queen Sheeba. Aahh, but those memories will last a life time. I'm so happy that Robotman is my true partner in crime. Without him, I would not be here typing all this shit out for you to read.

Love you bro, you da man!!

Sacopapa out!

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