Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Every Dog Has His Day

Michael Vick. Holy shit, hats off. Monday night I saw one of the greatest QB performances in history.

So how does this effect me? In day to day life it effects me zero point zero, unless Vick plans to give me $1M or something. I doubt that will happen since I have criticized him and used the picture below. Droopy is fucking pissed.

I am, though, affected as a Giants fan. After the embarrassing loss to the Fagboys Sunday and Super Vick, the Giants better be viewing film and preparing for this game. Game is for first place and potential division winner.

In Fantasy I had him in one league and played against him in the other. Weedmen win breaking my leagues scoring record with Vick and win easily, are now 4-6 with slim playoff hopes. Robotmen lose against Vick by one point. Brutal. Instead of 5-5 in the playoff hunt are 4-6. Blows.

Oh, and to the redhead eagle cheerleader above, nice jobs squeezing the tatas together.

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