Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Bust

Well, big bust today. Prop 19 failed due to rich fucks not backing it up with cash. GOP wins! hurray, yet same old shit again. Pelosi is out! That Bitch can finally stop spending all of our hard earned cash.

One good thing, Charlie is back in the news. He was caught with a 22 year old porn star at the Ritz in New York after a security and cops were called to the room. The porn star was found in the bathroom freaking out. Charlie is my fucking idol! I bet he lost it when she would not let him have anal. Cocaine and booze the drug of choice for my man Charlie.

San Franciso Fags finally beat the Ranger Queers. After 48 years they finally win a World Series, 3 to 1 win on the 5th game. Congrats to the flaming fags!

Awww poor Brett got a woowoo on his chin. Old man, it's time to let the young take over. Fucking guy was taken out on Monday night after a vicious sack from Myron Pryor which left Brett with 10 stiches on his chin. Hate the fucking media and how they made it sound. Robosaco would of sounded like this, Robo"Oh shit, the nigga took a major hit". Saco "Same way Brett was hitting Jenn Sterger" Robosaco"Hahahahahaha".

Anyway, I'm glad I still have a Medical Marijuana connection, cause now I'm getting the super Bomb Kush. Got to love it!

Smokem if you gottem and we'll catch up tomorrow.

P.S. Have you seen Kelly Osbourne Lately. WOW!!! Suck her tits anyday!!
The Wizard must have transformed her.

Sacopapa out!

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