Friday, November 19, 2010

What a Mess

Another fucking Messy Week down the drain! Man, shit has to get easier sooner than later. My meeting with the Solar Energy guy went great! I think I can probably do this shit on my own with a few friends that I know. We are going to study this shit a little longer before we indulge. This weekend is packed with kids activities. Yeah us, NOT!!! I hate to be running around all over the place for the kids. Oh well what can you do...
On a lighter note, I picked up two bottles of Red Wine for Queen Sheba and I. I love Fridays, its the only night that I stay up late and party. It's the one day that I really get time for myself with Queen Sheba. Hopefully we'll get down and dirty tonight. Keeping my balls crossed for that!
Here is my boy Patton doing Kindergarden. I truly enjoy this fuck and I will be bumbed to miss his US concert with FNM. Sucks Balls!

Sacopapa out!


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