Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Ketchup

Richard Branson has to be the smartest motherfucker in the World! He has created an Airline that is the shit! His planes are super top notch and the female stewardess are smoking hot! The plane tickets are super cheap as long as you get them in advance. The plane has a super cool ambiance when you walk in. They are dark with pink neon lighting on top. They also play super cool music inside the planes which gives it the cool look inside. I gotta tell you Virgin Air is the way to go. I'll never travel anything else but Virgin. Plus the name is super cool! The Jersey trip was great for all of us. The kids and Queen Sheeba had a blast. I in the other hand went about my old fucked up way. I got together with my brothers who are now a bad influence in Jersey. Best time I've had since Florida. We went fucking nuts one night with the ho's at a local dive bar on 61st just west of Bergenline. Man, it was insane with hookers and I can't believe how much WNY has changed. The wedding was great and we had a blast. One of my brothers friend had some blow. It was alright, nothing to write home about, but it was still good. Considering I had not done any in about 5 years. Open bar was insane and O let me tell you. My new sister in law has some of the hottest friends I have ever seen. Big asses and titties. Wishing I could got blown by the big ass chick from Univision! It was a good trip and now I'm back to the USSR/my desk trying to ketcup! Can't wait for Florida now!! Smoke'em if you got'em and suck it slow. SacoPapa Out!

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