Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus and The Chiefs

Why all the hate? Columbus Day used to be a holiday and now they keep erasing old Chris a little more from history each year. I know, I know, Leif Ericson (who is a kick-ass Viking, but why his day so close to Chris), The Chinese, and other pre-Colombus voyages. All very cool, but his trip was the shit though. It was the one that changed things and set off history. Some call him a murderer and that he tapped major native ass, but the same can be send of many of the explorers of the time. I remember thinking Columbus was cool back in first grade, my old school from the 70's has become literally old school. It's still a holiday in a bunch of Latin American countries. So anyway Happy Columbus Day.

Since the Robotmen won yesterday with a last minute pick-up from the Chiefs, and with all the native talk in todays post, here is a hot KC Chiefs Cheerleader shaking the moneymaker.

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