Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sorry Obama

Hey Obama, you and Oprah should have stayed home and saved taxpayer money, just like your bid for Public Healthcare for the USA will fail so did the bid for Chicago to host the Olympics in 2016. Anyway by 2016 you will be a footnote in history and can hang out with Jimmy Carter if he hasn't croaked yet. Oh yeah, and owners of Saturn Dealers and Workers want to send a special thanks for the shaft they got. GM company business units should have been broken up and sold in the free market according to merit, not government intervention and aquision of selected GM holdings. Unreal. Saturn had a good dealer network and a strong core customer base. Buy Ford.

On my final note, congratulations to one of our favorite cities, Rio De Janiero for winning their bid for the 2016 Olympics. All I have to say is Robot-Saco Roadtrip 2016!

1 comment:

  1. Foot note in history is right!! Can this guy get anything right? Doubt it. Anyway, he will be the new Jayjay walker (Dynamite!!. 2016 Road trip for sure. Can't wait!!