Thursday, February 4, 2010

10 for 10

Sacopapa Jr. went 10 for 10 on his first day at pratice. Still bummed that the coach changed the Team name from Blue Jays to the Boston Red Sox. Fucking guy used to play with Boston College back in the day and has been coaching now for 20+ years. He is super cool and loves to knock them down. Him and I get a long great, so it's not so bad. He pre-warned me yesterday about getting pissy with the Ump's. All I had to say was " Jersey Baby! Can't hold me back" He fucking cracked up.
One big tittie mom was there and I busted her checking me out. I think if I can get a blow job out of the season, it will be well worth having Saco Jr play this year.
It looks like we have 5 really good hitters in the team. 6 came back from last season which 4 including Saco Jr have improved. I only hope the rest of the team picks it up. If not, we're in deep shit. Hopefully the shitty kids mom will blow the coach. He looks like he can use a little side Job. His wife is not the greatest looking chick in the world. But him being from fucking Boston, I guess he is doing good.
Anyway, next practice is Tomorrow and I think it will be cancelled due to a rain storm that is on it's way. Hopefully more hot Moms show up at these fucking pratices. Being from Jersey we are always looking for more hot pussy. Wishing I was in Florida. My friend Robotman has all the good shit. Fucking hold out!
Keep you posted on the next turn.

Sacopapa Out!

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