Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Play Ball!

Yes, it's that time of the Year again! Fake Tits, big Asses and kid favortism at best! Hopefully this year Sacopapa Jr's team wins the Championship.
Last year they were the bad news bears and made it to the World Series with no hope to even qualify. They made it to the Championship game and lost. Yet it was great to see a bunch of little dicks make it.
This Year Saco Jr is all fired up and has been training really hard to be a starter. I think the fear of getting hit with a ball is passed him. Let's hope so. I will be updating this as the Season goes by.
Last night we had our first official meeting and from what I saw there will be 2 hot smoking MILFS on the team. Can't wait to see the other Teams Moms. I only hope this year is better than last year.
Hopefully this year we get some clean fucking umps. Last year we had a dickhead umpire that kept fucking with our team. Some of us ended up getting kicked out of the game for cursing him out. That fucking wet back is lucky he wasn't an Ump in West New York. They would of ate him alive. Most people don't understand how West New Yorkers are, we really don't give much of a fuck about anyones feelings. But here in California, you have to behave and be neutral. I was like fuck that and got kicked out.
Anyway, I only hope this year we have a great season and Saco Jr does his part. Keep you all posted with the Season as it goes by.

Sacoapa Out!!

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