Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics

Finally, Canada has won their first gold Medal in their own turf. Alexandre Bilodeau attributed his success to his teammates and his brother. I watched the free style moguls and man this kid fucking destroyed the mountain. I thought the one self made millioner that is Canadian but pussed out and now represents Australia would have taken it. I was kind of glad that pussy didn't take it, so that a true Canadian would win the Gold.

Saco Jr and I are now I'm looking forward to Shaun White to win the gold in Snowboarding. That mother fucker is sick and has trained hard on a new jump, called the gravity-defying Double McTwist 1260. If you have never seen this it's fucking wicked! He has his own private Half Pipe wich I think its sick.

Glad for fucking Apolo Hono as he made history in the Olympics. We thanked god the Koreans took each other out on the race. That was a classic 1500M race.

Too bad for Blonde curley Q Lindsey Jacobellis. She fucked the pooch majorly. She is a pretty cocky ho and if you remember in 2006 she ate it at the end of the race by showing off in front of everyone. This time she ate it at the start of the semi final race and was DQ from the start. Too bad honey, Robosaco will hire you for sure! She's pretty fucking hot.

Word just came in, Injury-hit Lindsey Vonn wins first-ever U.S. women's downhill gold at Winter Olympics. Yeahh baby!! Fucking awesome and fucking hot chick! She will be nominated at the end of the year.

Anyway, keep watching the Olympics Hammerheads and keep cheering for your favorite Athlete.

Sacopapa Out!

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