Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh no Not again!

Oh no, not again Charlie! My man is gone for 2 weeks to rehab. He needs to contact Robosaco to get him on the straight and narrow. Rules to follow Charlie.

1. Never settle down with one Ho.
2. Party like a rock star and fuck like a porn star.
3. 6 Week vacation in Brazil.
4. Never date another white chick again.
5. Smoke Dust, you'll never want to snort again.
6. Stay our of court.
7. These ho's will drive to the brinks.
8. Make another Hot Shot movie.
9. Make another movie with your brother.
10. Tell your Dad to quit telling you what to do. He's fucked up too!

Follow these Robosaco Rules and you will be a better person than the current Hammerhead that you are. I should of told you this when I sat next to you at that Dodger game like 10 years ago. LOL..

Sacopapa out!

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