Thursday, September 2, 2010

Amazonian Thursday

Who said Tall chicks aren't beautiful. Today was all about our favorite tall friend from San Francisco, which inspired me to write about the beast. She is one amazing chick, super tall, thick as hell and a super sweet and beautiful face. If she would go to Studio 54, she would definitely get cornered by the RoboSaco Team! Most tall chicks are super cool to hang with, probably cause they are so confident with themselves. Get a small chick to hang with you and she is all shy, timid and embarrased all the time.

Tall chicks are loud, outgoing and love to get fucked majorly hard. Small chicks will make ugly faces when you're banging them, like it hurts too much. Tall chicks will crack up and tell you to smack them around and fuck them harder. Small Chick is constantly asking you "are you cuming yet, are you cuming yet?" Hurry up it hurts. Fuck that! I want to have fun. I want to play twister in crisco oil with a tall bitch. That to me is super fun! Do shots smoke weed and get majorly banged!

Alright, enough said. I got chubber talking about tall chicks! LMAO! Come one guys, tall adventurous Chick or small petite salad eating chick? I know my choice! We're not alone my friends.

Saco Out!

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