Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Hold Up

Well Pachanga (as Luis Guzman AKA:My Dad) is in town and I've been having to slept him all around. He is pretty cool, but can sometime be a pain in the ass. I guess he deserves to be a pain since all the pain I caused him in my early years. He's been pretty cool, so far we have watched one movie, drank 2 brews. Today we've chilled watched border wars and Locked up abroad. Tonight he will babysit for 2 hours while we visit some friends. Tomorrow, we are getting up at 4:30 AM so that i can take him to his sisters house and they are taking off to see my Grandmother up north. De pinga brother! They Saturday morning, I will be driving 5 hours up north to meet up with him. So as you can see my week is pretty much fucked with all the running around that I will do. Come on Sept 30th, why is Time taking so long??!!

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