Thursday, September 23, 2010

Burnt Thursday

Miss High Times got my vote this year. She is extremely hot and loves to get high. I wonder if Robotman will produce the goods. 7 Days left and we will reunite like 17 year olds. Hopefully, we'll corner some hot chicks at the concert. I so pray we do, it's always been fun with Robo cornering ho's. Our good friend Disco Rocking Horse has already cursed us with Bad Luck. He said we are going to get arrested. I say FUCK YOU Disco Rocking Horse. Fuck you and your Disco faggot hairdo.

I will offer some chicks 40 bucks for a blow job at the concert. What young hot chick doesn't suck cock now a days.

Anyway, today was fucking burnt. Went to the Dodger game last night with Pops and we both got trashed. We ended up at Hooters drinking and starring at tits. It was pretty funny. I was fucking with Pops pretty bad and he told me that in his younger days, he would have fucked all of them. Jejejejeje. Anyway, smokem if you gottem.

P.S. Robotman, you have all the right in the world to go insane at your Job. Fuckem All!!!

Sacopapa Out!

MEGADETH - " The Right To Go Insane "
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