Monday, January 24, 2011

Anniversary Week Kick-Off

What can I say, the "Robotman -Thought of the Day" Blog is two years old. Originally a spin-off of the perpetually in hiatus "My Wife Hates Me" blog, it has grown into the biggest inside joke of my life and much needed self-therapy. It's the alter-egos of two regular dudes (Robotman and Sacopapa) sick of the shit and laughing about it. Helping us celebrate is the first babe ever posted, the goddess that is Adriana Lima bringing us a rose.

Throughout the week, Saco and myself will be recalling some of our favorite posts and past crap of the last two years. Now, remembering my very first post, here is the theme song, a live version with the great Uli Jon Roth playing with Billy Corgan.

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