Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mad Max was Very Mad and other Tales

Joining us on Anniversary week is "Bayside Hooter babe with the nice and juicy ass". Click here for her story.

Last July me and Saco cracked up big time about the Mel Gibson going nuts tapes. Fucking guy is awesome. The crazy tapes added to his previous drunken arrest were he talked shit about Jews to the cops and called a lady sugar-tits at the police station. I mean besides entertaining me with the incredible Mad Max Series, Braveheart, and other movies, this shit is bonus free entertainment. In the crazy screaming tapes he call his wife a little communist bitch and tons of other ultra- hilarious wackiness. You couldn't make this shit up. I wish this motherfucker was my friend on Facebook.

Here is my original post with links to the recordings of Mel going berzerk. Comedy Gold. I wonder if Mel keeps a diary. Ozzy and Randy will take me out until I recap on Saturday, as the rest of the week belongs to the real Madman, Sacopapa.

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