Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rocking Annivesary

For 2 years now, we have taken pride in showing you our favorite Heavy Metals Bands. This is due to our West New York heritage. You see being a Latino in West new York was very difficult back in the 70's. The Whites dominated West New york and pretty much ruled the city. So growing up and watching them with the cool cars, cool clothes and listening to Rock, inspired us to be like them. So by the time we were in 8th grade we were pretty much like them. We started to smoke pot, listen to Heavy Metal and started our own clan. By the time we were in High School, we were them.
Since that time we have pretty much been through our ups and downs, but we never changed our Heritage of Heavy Metal. Each particular band has had some kind of affect in our lives. For instance, Black Sabbath has always been a life lesson to me. AC DC has always help me in getting ready for parties. Iron Maiden helped me through my Army days. Metallica, say no more, they are the ones that opened our ears to speed metal as a freshman. Pantera got me through my divorce. Faith No More made me slow down and become a mellower person. The list goes on.
So you see Heavy Metal has been a big part of Robotman and we take pride in showing you the best bands from the past and future. So keep banging your head and keep playing air guitar, cause there is always one song that will affect you in more ways then one. The links will show you a small part of our daily lives and what band videos we relate to.
Here is the legendary Jimmy Hendrix and one of his most famous song that has turned us to be what we are today. As always smokem if you gottem.

Sacopapa Out!

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