Sunday, January 23, 2011

NFL Sunday Scream with Ozzy

Sadly the Giants are sitting home today just like me to watch the Conference championships on TV. It's hard to decide who to root for today, as a kid in the 70's I kinda liked the Steelers and the whole Mean Joe Green deal and they beat Dallas. Plus my little brother, The Sugarking is a huge fan. On the other hand, when I lived in Jersey, my favorite AFC team was the Dolphins for awhile because I had the jacket when I was little and was born in Miami. So between that and being a Giants fan, I never really gave a shit about the Jets. I happened to move to South Florida in the late 90's just when Jimmy Johnson destroying the franchise and ruined the end of Dan Marino's career. It was horrible and the Dolphins organization may never recover. Additionally, I realized what lame little bitches Dolphin fans are down here, and how much they hate the Jets starting making me kinda like the Jets.

So I guess, go Jets. Let me hear you scream. Oh I couldn't care less about Packers and Bears, wish they could both lose.

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