Friday, January 28, 2011

Anniversary Friday

For the past 2 years Friday has been a day of letting out your frustrations and anger. Mainly thanking God It's Friday. We usually end on a good note, but usually describe what a fucked up week it has been. It has been yet been known for us to say "I had a great week"! Usually it's like "Fucking week from hell"! In either case we always look forward to the weekend and the madness that comes with it.
We usually get upset with weekly Customers, Goverment Changes, Sports, Kids but mainly with Work.
We always end the week with Rock Bands, Weed Quotes, Party Quotes and even Sex quotes. Here at Robotman we are harsh with the World, but we know what it takes to be a hard working provider.
This week in celebrating 2 years of posting, I would personally like to reach out to each and everyone of you readers and thank you for making this possible (Who am I kidding, there are only 2 of us reading it). In either case if there is someone out there reading this, thank you for keeping us going and pretty much this is all that remains of our past and present lives.

Smoke'em if you got'em!

Sacopapa out

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