Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Babe of the Year

Robotman and Sacopapa took an entire month to make a decision on the Babe of the Year. We are very proud to announce that Karina Flores has won the 2009 Babe of the Year. There are many characters of Karina that we love about her at Robotman. Her body is to die for and her sensual beauty is insane. Major bonus points for being Brazilian and being so friggin HOT!!

We had never heard of Karina Flores until a few months back. This was like discovering water in Mars. She is by far one of the hottest women in the World. We are very proud to make her the 2009 Babe of the Year.

Congratulations Karina and if you ever read this, please give us your feedback. We would love to see your comments. Enjoy this sweet video of her and a few pics from Bellaclub.

P.S. Robotman and Sacopapa are going to the World Cup in Brazil and we only hope that we can party with you when we get there. We will make an official notice so you know.


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