Monday, December 28, 2009

Trump Monday

Well, it's our final Babe of the Week of this year, and Ivanka Trump can thank her mom, Ivana for the honor. Since Ivana is an wrinkly old hag I can't use her picture. Seems granny was upset that kids where making noise on a plane, and she had a bigger tantrum than the kids and had to be escorted off said plane in Florida. I've never been on a fucking plane without annoying kids and stuck up old ladies, so it sounds like a typical flight to me and preferable than having a terrorist madman on your flight. Stupid Cunt. Stayed tuned for my final post of the year tomorrow and Sacapapa's announcement of our Babe of the Year this week. Since my vacation is over and I have to work this week, here is Slayer with a message to the fake ass useless fuckers in my office.

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