Saturday, December 19, 2009

Welfare Christmas

The lastest on the government owned, bailed out, and bankrupt GM corporation is that they are closing yet another brand, Saab. Buy Ford. If the bailouts (corporate welfare) weren't bad enough, new welfare handouts were passed disguised as the jobs bill and the seemingly soon to pass mind-boggling Welfare, ah I mean Health Care Reform bill. So now not only must my son owe thousands in student loans while others go to college free on my dime, now he may be forced to buy health insurance or be fined, while the "grant" kid gets healthcare on my dime. Shit is fucked. Hard work and earning your way is the toilet paper Obama and his cronies are wiping their asses with. If you can't afford college, tough shit, work hard so your kids can go to college. That's how it use to work. As a war veteran and son of US loving hard working immigrant parents I am disgusted. Land of the free and home of the free loaders. Fucked up. With welfare fraud and abuse out of control, to add more layers is preposterous and irresponsible. I remember as a little kid walking home form school cause my parents where working while free lunch kid's dad picked him up in a Cadillac. It's Jimmy Carter all over again.

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