Tuesday, December 1, 2009

King of the City

What more can be said, this guy is a legend in his own time. Captain Clutch. In 2009 he batted .334 while leading the Yankees to their fifth World Series title in his 14 full seasons, their first since 2000 and their record 27th in franchise history. On Sept. 11 he passed Lou Gehrig's franchise mark for base hits, which now stands at 2,747. In 15 postseason games Jeter lived up to his reputation as a clutch player, batting .344 with a .432 on-base percentage, three home runs and six RBIs. He batted .407 in the World Series to lead the Yankees to a six-game victory over the defending world champion Philadelphia Phillies.

Once again congrats to Derek Jeter for being named SIs Sportsman of the Year (imagine they would have given it to Tiger this year, hehe), who is also in the Robotman Hall of Fame for the stable of babes he has tapped. Below one of his finest accomplishments, Jessica Alba in the "Into the Blue" underwater scenes.

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