Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Wow, this year flew by and so much havoc took turn in the US this year. Purple lip made it fun to be an American in 2009 and with all the new madness that it's about to happen in 2K10 we are truly going to be loved around the world.

2K10 is going to be fun for Robotman and Sacopapa as we are going to poke fun at the Goverment all year long. We feel that purple lip is a major dipstick. In reality there is no one that can compete with that fucker.

Since 2K10 is going to be fucked for everyone, we feel that RoboSaco team will want you to follow our Rules. Why should you follow our rules you ask? Well for one here at Robotman we don't really give a fuck about anyone in the Goverment or anyone in general. Growing up in WNY made us not give a fuck about anyone. So we are delivering ten new rules to follow in 2K10.

1. If you are over worked tell you boss to fuck off. Purple Lip will get you welfare, so no need to worry.
2. If you have any neighbors on Welfare, leave a poop bag on their porch and set it on fire. You are technically paying for their welfare.
3. When ever you see a Purple Lip picture, give it the big high Hitler salute. We are now a Socialist Country, so it's ok.
4. If you speak better English than your boss, poop on his desk when his out of the office. He is surely trying to kick you out since you speak more clearly than he does.
5. It's ok to try and run over ghetto college kids with your car. Technically you are paying for their tuition. So fuckem!
6. Fuck your wives hot boob friends. Your wife can't collect if you are on Welfare.
7. Tell people to fuck off at any time. Other people from other countries are doing so.
8. Ever see a hot chick, grab her ass, Purple Lip will be ok with that since everyone is now Ghetto.
9. College kids, dream big, open a strip bar. It's the only way to get rich.
10. Smoke weed and drink as much as you can. 2K10 will be fucked and you will need to ride this crazy economic wave.

That's it in a nut shell. Follow those rules like religion. Ooopsssie, can't say that anymore!

Happy 2010 and for anyone that reads this like we say in Jersey "getafuckout here!"

Since it's almost Midnight, here is Iron Maiden playing 2 minutes to Midnight live from our favorit place in the world "Rio Brazil". Enjoy this and please feel free to pass along the 10 new rules for 2K10. Love you all and God Bless. Sacopapa out!!

Happy New Year!!!


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