Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Frank Edwin Wright III was born December 9, 1972 in Frankfurt, Germany, making him the youngest member of Green Day. He lived in Willits, California with his father and his older sister, Lori. Wright's closest neighbor was Larry Livermore, who at the time was the singer of the punk band The Lookouts. At age 12, Livermore recruited Wright to join The Lookouts and gave him the name of Tre Cool relying on both the French word très (meaning very)combined with the word cool. However, the silent "s" has been incorrectly dropped in the spelling.

When Green Day's drummer, John Kiffmeyer, left the band they recruited Cool to play drums. Cool decided to drop out of high school in his sophomore year. Instead, he passed an equivalency test and earned his GED ( Dumb Ass), and began taking classes at a nearby community college. He had to drop out of college however, when the demands of Green Day's touring intensified(Smart Move).

He also known for burning his drum set on statge after every show. It's good to be Rich!

Here is one of my favorite songs from Green Day, Blood Sex and Boose. This was taped on Mad TV. The ending part is pretty cool. Happy Birthday you heroin junkie Tre! Enjoy your special day with 20CC shot!


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