Thursday, December 3, 2009

Conspiracy Thursday

Here is the latest and greatest in Military Arsenal. HAARP refers to the “High-Frequency Active Auroal Research Program”. It is located at approximately 62.39N, 145.15W near the town of Gakona, Alaska. HAARP project is funded by the US Senate and opperated by the US Navy & AirForce.

HAARP consists of phased array. Only partially finished the entire array will consist of 180 antennas and will be more power full than all other antenna array for ionosphere heating ever built. Ionosphere heaters simply use radio waves to heat a portion of the ionosphere which surrounds the earth, many already exist, but this is the largest ever.

72,000 times more powerfull than the U.S’s most powerfull radio station. HAARP can focus all its radio waves into a single beam in the sky, which effectively exceeds its 3.6 Million watt power status. With this enormous power, the possibilites for use of HAARP are endless. Of course activists ,conspiricists, and enviromentalists all have different ideas for applications of this weapon / utility, both good and bad.

This new Technology when fired up can create major havoc in the World. It can create storms, lightning, track/destroy missiles, earthquakes and anything else it feels like. This is another way of our sweet goverment playing mother nature on the world. When used it can also affect brain waves, making it hard to think and can cause paranoia. It was first tested in Desert Storm. The Iraquis gave up without a fight. It was reported that before the big Sunami in Indonesia there was a boralis of lights in the sky before the Sunami happened. Could our Goverment been testing this shit out in the ocean and we accidentally fucked up? Maybe, we'll out Goverment fess up, never...

You want Future Weapons, we've got it!

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