Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy January 1st, 2010.

Yes Ladies and Gentleman, we made it through the New Year, but some of us are not doing so well from the massive hangover. I hope this year we hit the Powerball, get raises and hopefully someone will find some good dirt on Purple Lip. God knows we need a new president. Anyway today has been great recovering from the massive hangover that I'm still trying to cure with Tomatoe Juice and Beer. I honestly think that I'm getting drunk again. Weeehooo!!

Today is a day of College Football, more drinking and more eating. The weekend is going to blow by and by Monday we'll all be back at this fucked up Rat Race. I wish everyone a properous New Year and lots of good things to happen.

I'm feeling a bit drunk already, so let's go out with Mr. Bungle Retrovertigo. This video is Nice and Mellow for the head and yet with the evil mind of Mike Patton. Enjoy and TGIF!! Smokem if you gotem bitches. Saco out!


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