Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heart Felt Thursday

My heart goes out to everyone in Haiti. The reports are that more than 50, 000 are dead and the count keep rising.
In the day and a half since a 7.0 earthquake hit off the coast of Haiti, the international community has pledged support to the recovery process, and aid groups have entered the country and its devastated capital Port-au-Prince to begin distributing food and supplies.

This is a demonstration of how our Planet doesn't give a fuck about people trying to save the World. When it's ready to take us out it will do it and it will do it with all its mighty force.

I just read that the US will be giving Haiti 100 Million Dollars for Aid. Wish all the other Countries would step up to the plate like we do. I wish all the survivors much luck and hope they can reunite with whatever family they have left. This is some real fucked up shit to happen to them.

Sacopapa out!

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