Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh oh Not again!

Well well, guess who is at it again? More fucking lies to come. This guy just doesn't get it. Now he is telling us that the worst is over. Yeah right, I think he has a great future in Comedy. I can almost see it " Russell Simmons comedy night, special guest, Obbbbaaamma!! Fuck, he was very non sholont up on the podium telling jokes, cracking up, while the public is shitting bricks about to loose their houses. How would this fucking joker know about being broke, he has been steeling from the rich and poor since day one. What about cuntpelocy laughing at all his stupid jokes. These 2 belong together, in Haiti. Romantic vacation in a deserted island! I'm sick of this shit, I say wake up America and let's get Robosaco to run the Country. Look at it this way, we will give mass cash back to the country. Here are a few examples:

A: Legalize Weed, I know I would say mass cash that way.
B: If you are on Welfare, you must be disabled and drug test every month
C: prostitution, Legal. No more broke Teenage girls
D: Drop interest rates on everything
E: Fuck other countries, they can all go down the tubes. Isnt that why we are number One?
F: Senerators and Congressman must be ex-military. Had it with all the fucking drunks and crack heads.
G: Ex spouse can't collect alimony any more. Fend for yourself bitch!
H: I could on forever, but we must save a little for 2012.

This is Sacopapa from WNY and I've had with this comedy show in Washington.

Sacoapa out!

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