Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where is Tiger Woods

It's been weeks now since one of the biggest celebrity sex scandals in history erupted, but the world's #1 golfer himself is nowhere to be seen.
He's always guarded his privacy, likely due in part to the 11 mistresses he was hollering at, and Tiger certainly hasn't changed his stripes.
Since the scandal blew up, Woods has been AWOL, commenting only briefly on his website with an apology and then announcing his break from golf.
So where is he? According to a resident in Woods' Windermere, Fla., community, he "comes by in the evening only for their counseling and therapy."
Yeah right, you know he only comes by to drop the check. Other than that, he is still playing 36 Ho's. If I was him, I would of taken a long absent vacation starting in Colombia and working my way around the World to see my Ex. Fucking guy, all that money and had to fuck around with dumb white bitches from the States. Wish he could of come for conseling at the Robosaco House of Love. We sould have shown him how to do it right, without getting caught.

Sacopapa out!

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