Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Obama Report Card- 1 year later

An honest analysis. First check out my inauguration review from last year.

I just did my Turbotax and after all is said and done I am paying about $3k more in taxes this year and I make nowhere near $250k and the same as I made last year. I really need more of my own money as my oldest is starting college this year. Fucking sucks big time.

I never expected the government to own the nations largest automaker. Now he wants to tax the banks who paid back the money but not AIG, Fanny Freddy, GM, etc.

The Healthcare Bill is just more welfare to system already rampant with fraud and abuse and will end up costing regular actual taxpayers in the end in the way of additional costs or diminished services.

More of the same old backroom shenanigans that have been typical Washington which he claimed was not him before he was elected.

As far as the wars he was handed I think he has done OK. Bush fucked it up by not listening to McCain sooner. The shoot to kill order on the Somali Pirates was awesome.

I give him a D+, and am sure McCain would have done much better. Extra credit available. If he legalizes it nationally, he can go up 2 grades.

I am the Robotman.

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  1. Well said Robotman! You should run for Presidency in 2012.