Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Monkey Wrench

LMAO!!! Republican Scott Brown's victory Tuesday in a Senate special election in Massachusetts blindsided President Obama and Democratic leaders, who had nearly reached the finish line on an ambitious overhaul of the nation's health-care system and were beginning to turn their attention to other challenges, namely creating jobs and lowering the deficit. Yeah right, more like dishing out more cash to stupid companies so they can fill their pockets with our hard earned cash. Fucking thieves is what they are.

Here is a perfect example of the Health Care Reform Bill. If you are a nurse and paid 140K for your education, Mr Purple lip is going to make sure you get minimum wage so you can work to pay off your education bill by the time you are 100. Fucked situation for anyone trying to make a decent way of life.

If this bill is passed it would fill their pockets with more cash then you can ever imagine. Obama added to the confusion Wednesday when he seemed to endorse one option: having both the House and the Senate start from scratch, by voting on a scaled-back package of popular provisions that would crack down on insurance companies but provide health coverage to far fewer additional people. Yup, you heard it here, him and his boys are a bunch of fucking clowns trying to reinvent the wheel. Scott’s victory has really thrown a monkey wrench in their plans. After riding a wave of success and support for two years, Democrats have realized in recent weeks that 2010 will be a far more difficult slog. You and I know this bill will not pass but until Hitler goes down, we are still fucked with him till 2012.

These clowns need to be kicked out of white House soon.

What a disgrace to America.

Sacopapa Out!

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  1. Damn. If I hit lotto I want a team. The Robobabes!!