Thursday, January 7, 2010

What Da Fuck Thursday

Sacopapa reporting for duty. It's funny how most people don't know you're from Jersey until you open your mouth. The cool folks will think you are funny and witty. The dipshits will think you are a fucking asshole. We think everyone is an asshole. We don't take shit from anyone and always speak our minds.

Being from Jersey makes you a Hammer Heads. My good friend Robotman once said "You can get the kid out of Jersey, but you can't get the Jersey out of the kid", so fucking true. I live in Cali and this place if full of pussies. The super cool ones are not originally from here. The ones that are from here are stuck and continously have a stick up there ass.

I just had a small incident with someone that I thought was a friend, but ended up being a fucking pussy. Typical Cali fucking homo. Sacopapa Jr takes Karate and he accidentally got hit in the mouth. No biggie for him as he is a tough kid and being around me, he has a lot of Jersey influence. He was struck in the mouth and he told the instructor that he thought his tooth had been knocked out. He is going through a growing spur and his teeth are loose. Needless to say he left the training matt and went to the bathroom to check. Here is where the Jersey comes into play.

This so called friend, we'll call him "Napolian Kumar". Kumar is sitting behind me around some fat fucking hos and they all adore his ass cause he is rich and speaks to them. Us from Jersey we see that shit and stay far away from it. If you don't have a prety face, sweet tits and a banging ass, we won't talk to you. So Kumar thinks he's cool and decides to say a smart ass remark about Sacopapa Jr. This is what I heard "Humm, that kid should of knocked out his tooth, would of done him a favor". I heard it and turned into the Jersey Hulk as you all know the Hulk's Saying is, "Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry!" I turn around and in front of all his fat hos I said " Hey Kumar, how about I knock one of your fucking teeth out!". Keep in mind, I said with the phat fucking Jersey accent. The fat fucking hos shut up, his buddy said "Damn Kumar". I then said "if you got a problem we can take this shit outside!". The fucking place went quiet. He just shribbled up and said nothing.

After the class he walked over to me and was all apologetic. He started to defend himself by saying, "no no no, that is not what I meant". I was like "yeah you did, I heard with my own fucking ears". I tried to take him outside to talk, but Kumar would not do it. He ended up later on that night calling me on the cell and apologizing. He kept telling me that he was scared and all he could see was me walking in his house and shooting him. I told him no need for that, I would of just kicked your ass. Fucking hilarious.

The next day I saw him at school as his son is in the same class with Mojonsita. First thing he did was stuck out his hand and said "I'm very sorry for the misunderstanding". I was like "getdafuckouthere, it's all good".

So you see my friends, be cool at all times, you never know when you might run into a Jersey Hammer Head.

Sacopapa out!!

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